Conference Day Two

Wednesday 17 February 2016

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08:30 | Welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the chair

Kathleen Labrum, General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing

Stimulating procurement performance through effective leadership

09:00 | Identifying the role of effective procurement leadership when reforming procurement operations

  • Addressing specific procurement leadership behaviours to increase successful reform outcomes
  • Highlighting the role of leadership in creating, maintaining or changing organisational culture and value in procurement divisions
  • How leadership can streamline perceptions, attitudes and behaviours in order to facilitate collaboration between procurement professionals

Kathleen Labrum, General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing

Achieving procurement excellence by successfully implementing procurement reform

09:30 | INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE CASE STUDY: Transforming the commissioning of health and care services – how data and information will be used to transform procurement and delivery of health and care services in England

  • Analysing how the NHS is transforming the procurement focus for clinical commissioning groups from separate services based on payment for activity, into more accountable care models whereby payment is based on a set of desired health and care outcomes
  • Identifying the importance of data and information to understand population health risk, demand and utilisation of services and to work with health and care providers to re-define what services are necessary to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Overviewing the key issues and considerations in how data, information and analysis is being used to support these changes and the impacts these changes have on the supplier management process

Ming Tang, Director Data and Information Management Systems, NHS England

10:10 | CASE STUDY: Analysing how the NT Department of Health is successfully implementing supply chain reform

  • Exploring the main resistance issues for each stakeholder group during transformation implementation and how to avoid it
  • Developing a workforce transition strategy to operationalise the new business model
  • Overviewing successful transformation implementations from the past and what we can learn from it

Cathie Allen, Procurement Manager, Northern Territory Department of Health

10:40 | Morning tea

11:20 | CASE STUDY: Achieving consistency of supply and cost reduction outcomes through a transformation from a decentralised into a centralised model at Regis Aged Care

  • Analysing issues and challenges experienced in the decentralised model
  • Highlighting the improvements made in consistency of supply by bringing labour management into a centralised staffing services model
  • Overviewing further opportunities for quality and cost control through procurement managing agency labour

Linda Slater, National Procurement Manager, Regis Aged Care Group

11:50 | CASE STUDY: Overcoming the main challenges when implementing procurement reform in the healthcare sector

  • Highlighting the key differences between healthcare and other sectors
  • Identifying the importance of data within procurement operations and why it’s the staff member you don’t have to pay
  • Analysing how to ramp up procurement performances in a challenging environment

Debra BirznieksProcurement Project ManagerMetropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board

12:20 | Networking lunch

Delivering better outcomes by designing flexible procurement models capable of supporting a broad range of business goals

13:40 | CASE STUDY: Developing agile procurement models in healthcare organisations

  • Identifying the role of digital in the delivery of health services
  • Do all agile projects warrant “agile” procurement?
  • Analysing when agile procurement is appropriate and how to achieve this in your procurement division
  • Exploring the key elements in delivering positive procurement outcomes for agile projects

Natalie Budovsky, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Healthdirect Australia

14:10 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Building first class agile procurement functions in the healthcare sector in order to create a competitive advantage

  • What are the key issues and considerations in developing procurement processes that support agile projects?
  • How can you identify whether procurement is conducted in an agile environment?
  • How to balance the need for speed with the need for probity

Panel Moderator:
Kathleen Labrum,
General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing

Colin Hui, Head Medical & Pharmaceutical Sourcing, Health Purchasing Victoria
Dharam Singh, Pharmacy Procurement Manager, Eastern Health

Natalie Budovsky, Head of Strategic Sourcing, Healthdirect Australia

14:55 | Afternoon tea

Highlighting how to reduce potential risks when procuring goods and services in the healthcare sector

15:35 | Identifying how to manage the main risks and challenges in pharmacy procurement divisions

  • Identifying the main challenges of pharmacy departments: storage, logistics, handling risks factors and lack of education
  • Analysing the cost implications of these challenges for organisations and how to overcome them
  • Achieving good distribution practices to be able to distribute high cost cold chain products

Dharam Singh, Pharmacy Procurement Manager, Eastern Health

16:05 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Getting the right balance between implementing savings initiatives and improving procurement processes while managing associated risks

  • What are the main risks for procurement divisions in achieving savings while improving service delivery effectiveness?
  • How can you avoid and overcome these associated risks?
  • Analysing successful measuring, tracking and reporting mechanisms to visualise achieved savings and how to implement it into your organisation

Panel Moderator:
Kathleen Labrum,
General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing
James Piplios,
Executive Director Procurement and Facilities, Epworth Healthcare
Rahul Sharma,
Procurement Manager, Austin Health
Linda Slater,
National Procurement Manager, Regis Aged Care Group
Mark Young,
Group Procurement Manager, Mercy Health

16:50 | Closing remarks from the Chair and drawing of the lucky door prize!

17:00 | End of Day Two and close of conference

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