Conference Day One

Tuesday 16 February 2016

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08:15 | Registration and welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the Chair

Jonathan Dutton, Managing Director, JD Consultancy

Implementing new internal strategies to better execute complex procurement projects and drive more efficient outcomes

09:00 | Managing the procurement of complex medical devices and biopharmaceuticals

  • Identifying opportunities for unique approaches to sourcing different categories in health – medical consumables, prostheses and pharmaceutical categories
  • Understanding the different types of stakeholder and engagement processes for clinicians
  • What are the key considerations in developing a sourcing strategy for medical consumables, prostheses, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals?

Colin Hui, Head Medical & Pharmaceutical Sourcing, Health Purchasing Victoria

09.30 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Designing and implementing an internal communication strategy to achieve better procurement efficiency

  • What are the benefits of implementing new internal communication strategies into your organisation and how can you overcome the challenges?
  • How to design a strategic internal communications plan to unify procurement employees through a shared vision of company goals and values
  • What are the benefits of communication channels and tools like internal memos and newsletters as well as social media platforms and casual ad hoc communication to improve internal communication?

Panel Moderator:
Jonathan Dutton,
Managing Director, JD Consultancy

Charlie Way, Group Manager Property, Assets and Procurement, Southern Cross Care
Kathleen Labrum,
General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing

James Piplios, Executive Director Procurement and Facilities, Epworth Healthcare

Designing long term supplier engagement approaches to achieve better procurement outcomes

10:15 | Engaging collaboratively with suppliers through strategic partnerships in order to achieve more efficient procurement operations

  • Analysing the value of different supplier management approaches and how to best implement them
  • Understanding how to reduce possible risks through the implementation of more knowledge sharing opportunities when engaging with suppliers
  • Developing the necessary elements required within long term strategic engagements strategies to achieve the best possible purchasing results

Russell Purchase, Contracts Manager, Uniting AgeWell

10:45 | Morning tea

11:25 | PANEL DISCUSSION: How can procurement managers develop better supplier relationships to increase quality and availability of capital equipment in healthcare procurement divisions?

  • Analysing the key issues in developing a successful supplier engagement strategy
  • What are the most important factors to address when negotiating with suppliers in order to achieve best outcomes?
  • How can you create a closer strategic supplier relationship over the years?

Panel Moderator:
Jonathan Dutton
, Managing Director, JD Consultancy

Kathleen Labrum, General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing
Russell Purchase, Contracts Manager, Uniting AgeWell
Margaret Reid, Strategic Procurement Manager, RSL Care
Vikram Bhakoo,
Senior Lecturer Operations Management, University of Melbourne

Streamlining procuring to pay processes (P2P) to maximise competitiveness

12:10 | CASE STUDY: Analysing the centralisation of P2P processes through the implementation of a procurement system at Barwon Health

  • Identifying system implementation challenges when transforming from a decentralised into a centralised purchasing approach
  • Overcoming the main obstacles during the implementation phase of this approach
  • Addressing how to further increase procurement excellence after the implementation is completed
  • Reviewing the outcomes for Barwon Health

Neville Daffy, Procurement Systems Project Manager, Barwon Health

12:40 | Networking lunch

14:00 | CASE STUDY: Analysing how Southern Cross Care implemented a full end to end P2P system in their procurement division

  • What were the main risks and challenges during this implementation?
  • Overviewing the failures and successes of the implementation process within Southern Cross Care and what other aged care providers can learn from it
  • Identifying how they designed an action plan for implementing this new P2P system

Charlie Way, Group Manager Property, Assets & Procurement, Southern Cross Care

14:30 | Achieving spend data management excellence by more effectively analysing contract expenditure

  • Identifying the main challenges in achieving timely access to accurate spend data
  • Reviewing what procurement professionals expect from a expenditure analysis
  • Understanding strategies required for making spend data management an efficient, accurate, and repeatable process

Paul Broadbridge, Supply Chain Manager, National E-Health Transition Authority

15:00 | Afternoon tea 

15:40 How RSL Care is creating procurement efficiencies and simplicity of process by the implementation of a P2P system

  • Developing the business case to purchase and implement a P2P solution
  • Selection of the “fit for purpose” solution – gaining insights into the specification and the selection process undertaken
  • Sharing of lessons learned along the journey

Margaret ReidStrategic Procurement Manager, RSL Care

16:10 | Driving patient centred procurement innovation in order to improve healthcare outcomes

  • Reducing food waste by implementing innovation within procurement decision making processes
  • Benefitting from the development of better rating capabilities within government and foodservice datasets
  • Addressing the impact of the most vulnerable patients on the procurement process and how to manage it

Zdenka FullerProcurement Manager, HealthShare NSW

16:40 | Closing remarks from the chair

16.50 | End of Day One and networking drinks

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