Conference Day Two

Wednesday 11 November

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08:30     Welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair

Jenny Eather, Communication Consultant

Assessing the outlook for Australia’s media sector and preparing for the new media landscape

09:00     Opening Keynote Presentation: An overview of the Australian broadcast media industry and how organisations are being reinvented to survive the global media revolution

  • My perspectives on the future of the Australian media landscape
  • Looking at new and emerging trends in media globally and how this influences the Australian sector
  • Understanding how organisations are redesigning and repositioning themselves to maintain business competitiveness and stay alive in this rapidly evolving industry
  • Considering the opportunities and how emerging and senior leaders can be prepared for the new media landscape

Sandra Sully, News Presenter, Network Ten

09:30     Keynote Presentation: How the news sector is overcoming modern challenges in reaching and interacting with readers

  • Examining the media industry outlook and identifying challenges and opportunities for the news sector
  • An overview of how readers had experienced journalism in the past and what experience they expect in the future
  • Understanding how technology evolution works hand in hand with the modern reader life-style

Emma Groves, News Presenter, Imparja

10:00     Panel Discussion: The outlook for Australia’s media sector and trends and opportunities for expansion in all areas of the media industry

  • An overview of the changing shape of Australia’s media policies and regulations for the entertainment and media industry
  • How to overcome the ‘doing more with less’ challenge in an industry where global players are increasingly rising and budget is getting enormously tighter
  • Considering the opportunities Asia-Pacific’s growing economy offers to Australian media organisations

Panel moderator:
Jenny Eather
Communication Consultant

Ana Bacic, Head of Marketing, Seven Network

Daad Soufi, Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, IAB Australia
Alison Ray, Lecturer, The University of Sydney

10:50     Morning tea

Assessing how local and global disruptors are nurturing innovation and exploring opportunities for business development

11:20     Case Study: How Stan is overcoming competitive challenges by taking advantage of the rise of the new golden age of television

  • An overview on Stan’s business model and how Video on Demand (VOD) is revolutionizing media across the world
  • Overcoming the challenges of increasing viewers subscription by offering what consumers want in an progressively competitive market
  • How streaming services and broadcasters are acknowledging that they are operating in an interactive world and innovating accordingly to adapt to change in consumer viewing habits

Carly Daff, Head of Product, Stan

11:50     Case Study: Understanding how Google is exploring innovative business strategies by questioning today’s assumptions and building for tomorrow

  • Assessing how Google’s disruptive innovation culture is aligned with the corporation’s goals and why this is key for business success
  • Exploring creative strategies to engage with younger generations who are increasingly focusing on social platforms
  • Investing in the next generation of innovators to ensure internal culture is aligned with the organisation’s values and objectives

Lucinda Barlow, Head of Marketing Australia & New Zealand, Google

12:20     Case Study: Assessing how Instagram’s innovative strategies are impacting the marketplace and exploring opportunities for expansion

  • Improving product definition by reframing competition and persuading customers to switch to innovative products
  • Analysing how Instagram is delivering creative advertising ideas that generate successful results
  • Understanding how brands are reinventing themselves to keep up with digital disruption and what results they are getting

Sophie Blachford, Head of Brand Development, Instagram

12:50     Networking lunch

Understanding how to take advantage of technology and digital disruption in media

13:50     Preparing for the future – an overview of digital (and human) disruption in the media landscape

  • Why media will be very different in ten years and what has already changed
  • How broadcasters are reinventing themselves for a future that will be powered by data and connected devices
  • Planning for the future – why people matter more than ever
  • The paradox of human centred design – why women will matter more in media

Angela Clark, Director, Digital Network, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

14:20     Understanding the impacts of technology disruption in business and strategies to stay abreast of new opportunities in media

  • Opportunities to reimagine broadcast infrastructure – where heritage amplifies technical possibilities
  • How media companies with a broadcast heritage can be well placed to rebuild and reinvent themselves
  • Reengineering infrastructure assets to support wider VOD consumption and diverse delivery paths

Nell Payne, Group Director Technology and Operations, Foxtel

14:50     Afternoon tea

15:20     Assessing how content delivery technologies are enabling business agility and efficiency

  • Understanding how the broadcasting technology of the future is changing the present and what to do to keep up with new trends
  • An overview of on-demand challenges and opportunities from a content point-of-view
  • How the shift to digital media could impact your business by reaching, engaging and influencing customers in more innovative ways

Helen Kellie, Chief Content Officer, SBS

Examining innovative and successful strategies to generate content that is aligned with your organisation’s objectives

15:50     Generating outstanding content by aligning ‘content vision’ with organisational strategy

  • Overcoming the challenge of creating exceptional content by bringing customers’ expectations into line with your business mission, vision and values
  • Key strategies to engage with the right customer at the right time on the right platform and increase revenue
  • Generating and shaping audiences to increase viewership buy creating premium content

Clive Dickens, Chief Digital Officer, Seven West Media

16:20     Closing remarks from the Chair and drawing of the lucky door price!

16:30     End of Day Two and close of conference

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