Conference Day One

Tuesday 10 November

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08:15     Registration and welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair

Lucielle Vardy, Strategic Planning Director, GPY&R

How some of the most inspiring leaders in Australia overcome challenges in their media career and how they define themselves

09:00     Opening Keynote Presentation: Leading by example – inspiring career-minded executives and making opportunities more accessible to emerging leaders

  • Leveraging your career and seeking role models and meaningful inspiration to support your professional growth
  • Examining the obstacles and opportunities for emerging leaders in the Australian media market and influencing career aspirations
  • Key lessons that support leaders in reaching successful outcomes in the competitive media world

Angela Priestley, Founding Editor, Women’s Agenda

09:30     How one of Australia’s foremost social researchers and experts on social trends has overcome her career challenges

  • Inspiring a strong and passionate team within the organisation to drive business excellence
  • The importance of inspiring creativity, intuition, integrity, commitment and confidence in your team to help them deliver results
  • Assessing Rebecca Huntley’s key lessons for emerging leaders

Rebecca Huntley, Senior Editor and Director of Insights, Mamamia

10:00     Keynote Presentation: Finding inspiration to change and create cultural standards across the workplace

  • Discovering what inspires Emma Alberici and how she describes herself
  • Why culture is essential in business and how it needs to support leadership – why they go hand in hand
  • Using leadership skills to inspire change and create cultural standards across the organisation
  • Overcoming challenges on career progression in the media industry

Emma Alberici, Presenter, ABC1’s Lateline

10:40     Morning tea

11:10     Panel Discussion: Facilitating leadership and career progression for emerging leaders from all parts of the media sector

  • Building the skills demanded for leadership roles in the media landscape
  • Re-framing your perspectives on what makes an effective media professional to reflect ever growing skills needed
  • Learning how to transform organisational culture to enhance opportunities for career advancement

Panel moderator:
Lucielle Vardy, Strategic Planning Director, GPY&R

Kelly Ferguson, Chief Information Officer, Mi9
Alan Sunderland, Acting Director of People, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Ros Reines,
Columnist, News Corp Australia
Miranda Wood,
Head of News, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph
Melanie Allibon,
Group Executive – Human Resources, Seven Network

Overviewing industry trends and developing strengths and specific skills for leadership roles

12:00     How industry trends have changed and will continue to change job roles in media

  • The value of staying current and effective in an evolving environment
  • How media professionals need to reposition themselves to stay up-to-date in an industry that is constantly being reinvented
  • How changes in the industry can be an opportunity for emerging leaders to play a key role
  • Assessing the perception of ‘double standards’ of any type in any industry and achieving professional fulfilment

Annabelle Herd, Director Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Network Ten

12:30     Networking lunch

13:30     Roundtable Discussion: Reviewing the biggest challenges in leadership and career advancement in the media space

During this interactive discussion, participants will be divided into groups. The session moderator will pose a question to the groups to discuss their thoughts on their table. After the group discussion, the moderator will turn to the tables for their responses.

Key talking points:

  • Identifing the key challenges and opportunities for your career advancement
  • Clarifying your professional objectives and using them to harness your media career plan
  • The importance of upskilling and expansion of behavioral and strategic skills to increase opportunities for career progression

Naomi Mourra, Head of HR, Australia & New Zealand, BBC Worldwide

14:10     Panel Discussion: Assessing how mentorship programs help develop strengths and specific skills for executives working in the media landscape

  • Learning from successful leaders in management positions across functions and hear how they are achieving successful results
  • Building the strengths and skills that are essential for you to take control of your career and move your professional development to the next level
  • Identifying your core competences and helping you getting exposure to role models you want to work with in future
  • Leveraging networks to connect with and seek meaningful mentorship to grow your organisational insights and extend career aspirations

Panel moderator:
Lucielle Vardy,
Strategic Planning Director, GPY&R

Marina Go, General Manager, Hearst, Bauer Media Group
Nell Payne, Group Director Technology and Operations, Foxtel
Suzie Shaw, Managing Director, We Are Social
Jihee Nam,
Vice President and General Manager, Nickelodeon Networks Australia

15:00     Afternoon tea

Interactive Focus Session: Overcoming the biggest challenges in leadership and achieving your career goals

15:30     Roundtable Discussion: The rise of the influence of women in media

This 40 minute moderated roundtable discussion will unpack challenges and opportunities around the rise of women’s influence in media which are unique to participants’ career advancement strategies.

Key talking points:

  • Defining the unique skills and capabilities that women can bring to bear in media
  • Assessing the opportunities for growth that can generate successful outcomes for women in media
  • Outlining leadership objectives within the organisation and within the media space and working towards your career purpose

Joanne Gray, Editor BOSS, Australian Financial Review Group and Co-Chair of Judges 100 Women of Influence, Fairfax Media

16:10     Roundtable Discussion: Encouraging rising stars to ascend the media hill

This interactive discussion with delegates, led by a representative of one of the event’s official supporting bodies, will mastermind the importance of encouraging young professionals to pursue a successful career in media and how preparing new leaders is one of the most critical steps in achieving your own professional goals.

Key discussion points:

  • Pinpointing the key drawcards for a career in media and the pathways it offers
  • Assessing the potential career paths and selecting your career goals
  • Identifying opportunities for career progression and building the skills for effective leadership

Melanie Withnall, Board Member, CBAA, and Managing Director, 2SER

16:50     Closing remarks from the Chair

17:00     End of Day One and networking drinks

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