Conference Day Two

12 August 2015

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08:30     Welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the chair
Jonathan Dutton
, Director, JD Consultancy

09:00     Keynote Case Study: Planning ahead to ensure maximum value for the
              Gold Coast community in the development of the Commonwealth
              Games 2018 infrastructure

  • An overview of the Commonwealth Games 2018 infrastructure and key challenges planning, procuring and delivering the project
  • Introducing innovative strategies to increase residual asset recycling
  • Streamlining procurement processes to deliver savings and value for money in the development of all new infrastructure
  • Implementing cost management strategies to better control the overall budget of the project and avoid cost blow outs

Nigel Chamier, Chairman, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation

Ensuring your Procurement is Strategic and Delivering Value, Not Just Purchasing

09:40     Best practices in delivering value for money through strategic procurement

  • Analysing how you can meet specific demands from all stakeholders through strategic procurement
  • Maximising productivity and cost efficiency in projects that are already underway by improving procurement practices
  • Delivering savings by investing in innovative technology and implementing successful systems throughout the organisation

Mark Travers, Chief Financial Officer, Flinders Ports South Australia

10:10     How strategic procurement can help deliver better outcomes in capital

  • Reducing the organisations’ exposure to risk by understanding market conditions and working to support local industry
  • Opportunities for strategic procurement to help minimise overall project cost
  • Introducing innovative strategies and creating a lean procurement department to achieve successful results in your capital projects

Matthew Rae, National Supply Chain Manager, APA Group

10:40     Morning tea

11:10     Panel Discussion: Why it is fundamental to have strategic procurement
              involvement to ensure best value for money in infrastructure and
              capital works projects

  • What makes strategic procurement different from purchasing and how does it add value?
  • Implementing procurement strategies that are aligned with processes, technology and organisational structure
  • How can adopting innovative solutions help your procurement department achieve performance excellence?
  • What specific skills do staff need to be successful in strategic procurement for infrastructure and capital works? How can you upskill your team to achieve these?

Jonathan Dutton,
Director, JD Consultancy
Michael Ord
Technical Executive - Risk and Value Management, WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, and DirectorInstitute of Value Management Australia
David Baguley
Chairperson Appointments and Accreditation Committee, Institute of Value Management Australia
Mike Gibbons
Manager Procurement Capital Works Services, SA Water

Overcoming Specific Challenges in Developing Major Public Infrastructure

12:00     Overcoming challenges stemming from rigidly structured public
              procurement policies for major projects

  • Identifying the main challenges when procuring in the public sector and reviewing strategies to overcome them
  • Understanding why a lot of value is left behind when procurement policies are strictly structured and enforced and people “work to rule” under probity auditors and ways to overcome this
  • Analysing the key lessons learnt from a rigidly regulated sector and how these learnings can be adopted in other sectors

Sean Sweeney, Former Executive Director, Major Projects Victoria, and Managing Director, Atelier Project

12:30     Networking lunch

13:30     Case Study: How Tasmanian Irrigation implemented new procurement processes in their capital works projects to increase efficiency and deliver more value

  • Outlining the key challenges and benefits of implementing procurement processes to increase efficiency in capital works projects at Tasmanian Irrigation
  • Analysing how procurement processes can help reduce costs and avoid unexpected delays
  • Overcoming internal and external procurement transformation issues and delivering more value

Luke Curtain, General Manager - Commercial & Development, Tasmanian Irrigation

Fostering a Stronger Owner and Contractor Relationship to Drive Efficiencies in Procurement and Construction

14:00     Case Study: Tiger Brennan Drive – duplication from Woolner Road to
              Berrimah Road Project – improving stakeholder relationship to
              achieve efficiencies in procurement and construction

  • Maintaining transparency throughout the project to ensure both contractor and operator thatcontract terms are being met on time and within budget
  • Building a collaborative project team beginning in the drafting stage and maintaining collaboration through all phases of the project
  • Negotiating a fair and balanced allocation of risk between owner and contractor to protect thestakeholders’ interests in the face of aggressive indemnity claims

Stephen Hoyne, Executive Director and Chief Procurement Officer – Major Projects, Procurement and Contract Services, Northern Territory Department of Infrastructure

14:30     Afternoon tea

15:00     The importance of value for money at “the sharp end”

  • A history of applying value management and identifying better value for money on infrastructure projects in Australia
  • Analysing a series of case studies to illustrate how time invested in a rigorous value management strategy delivers maximum benefits
  • Reviewing the importance of considering value for money in the brief development and design concept phases

David Baguley, Chairperson Appointments and Accreditation Committee, Institute of Value Management Australia

15:30     The Last Word: Infrastructure & Capital Works Procurement and Value
              Optimisation 2015 – a review of proceedings and an outlook from the
              event advisory panel

  • What are the key messages from the conference?
  • What are the key opportunities for the Australian infrastructure and capital works sectors to deliver better value for money in capital investment?
  • How can planning, procurement and project delivery be effectively linked to ensure value in infrastructure and major projects?

Jonathan Dutton,
Director, JD Consultancy
Keith Bird
, Former General Manager – Commercial and Chief Procurement Officer, Queensland Rail
John Bushell,
Chairperson Publications and Events Committee, and Director, Institute of Value Management Australia, and Director, John Bushell Value Management

16:20     Closing remarks from the Chair and drawing of lucky door prize!

16:30     End of Day Two and close of conference

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