Post-Conference In-depth Learning Sessions

13 August 2015

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Post-conference sessions will take place at the Novotel Sydney Central.

Address:169-179 Thomas Street, Sydney NSW 2000 - Lavender Bay Room, Ground Floor

Session A:
Strategies to manage risk in projects and programs

The session will cover two aspects of risk – current tools available to support the planning and delivery of major projects, and reducing risk in minor projects. The first section of the session will focus on active risk management and tools available to improve accountability in the management of risk on an on-going basis.  For most projects there is a significant emphasis on risk at the start of a project, however this focus is not maintained throughout the duration of the project. This segment of the session will demonstrate a risk tool that has a strong focus on on-going risk management with an emphasis on active management and accountability and the benefits to projects from having an active risk management plan for the duration of a project.

The second section of the session will cover tools to improve delivery  and reduce risk on minor works programs, focussing on a the demonstration of an internet based management tool that improves consistency of project delivery, project management accountability, quality assurance and improved risk management outcomes.  This system is an example of how better information management can be achieved in the low value, high volume environment of minor capital works programs, where due to the large number of projects, there are risks to many aspects of program delivery.

Key topics and take away skills/benefits:

  • Gain new insights into managing the major risks in infrastructure and capital works projects
  • Create a fair and effective tender process taking risks and legislation into consideration
  • Discover how to create the best overview of contracts that support risk management
  • Analyse the benefits of using technology in risks management
  • Compare your risk management strategies with other professionals

Session Leader:

Tim Wise
Capital Works Consulting


Session B:
The principles of value management and practical applications

This practical session is designed for infrastructure and capital works professionals who are directly involved with planning, procurement and project delivery and are looking for strategies to deliver best value for money in capital investments. With the Australian government promising massive investment in infrastructure and capital works, it is essential to focus on the strategies to give better value for money in these programs and projects. This session will provide all attendees with insights into the principles of value management and ways in which these can be applied in common situations. During this session, participants will also have the opportunity review their own practices and identify opportunities for them to deliver more value in their projects.

Key topics and take away skills/benefits:

  • An overview of the foundations and principles of value management
  • Embedding value management in the planning, procurement and project delivery stages and examining practical examples of how this can be done
  • Understanding why managers misplace value by analysing examples from the past and learning from them
  • Examining how value management can help deliver best value for money in capital investment
  • Analysing current examples and learnings from the industry with value management challenges and benefits

Session leader: 

Roy Barton
Institute of Value Management Australia


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