The Event

In today’s rapidly evolving media and communications landscape, engaging  effectively with both external and internal stakeholders is paramount for the executives who manage leading  B2B and B2C brands.

Digital and product disruption is challenging corporate communications, PR and corporate affairs managers to think differently about their core products and services and come up with creative and innovative strategies to shift their stakeholder’s mindset around their brands.

The most effective way for brands to keep pace with the new channels of communication and interaction with stakeholders is by having an outstanding team behind it – one that understands both the latest trends and best practice delivery methods.

The Women in Comms and PR conference will be a unique platform for communications, PR, corporate, government and external affairs executives from across sectors in Australia. Coming from different stages of leadership and career advancement strategies, they will come together to share their experiences and insights on how to directly address the challenges of inspiring leadership and help comms and PR managers build the skills and capabilities they need to operate in a fast changing environment.

Why attend?

Women in Comms and PR 2016 is an event being developed specifically to address the pressing issues facing senior public relations and comms professionals.

The conference will be focused on addressing their biggest challenges, including:

  • Inspiring emerging leaders and enabling effective career advancement
  • Developing meaningful strengths, skills and values for leadership roles in a digitally disruptive environment
  • Building a remarkable comms and PR team by identifying, developing, mentoring and retaining your best people
  • Creating a culture that nourishes creativity and innovation while maintaining competitiveness and expanding business opportunities
  • Examining strategies to think differently around your brand’s core products and services
  • Assessing the benefits and challenges of the newest channels of communication and interaction with stakeholders
  • Learning from leading organisations on how to successfully keep your brand relevant

Benefits of attending Women in Comms and PR 2016:

  • Hear from senior leaders about how to embrace challenges to move into executive roles
  • Discover how to overcome career advancement hurdles – build a meaningful network to achieving your career goals
  • Learn how to develop high achieving teams around you
  • Assess the outlook for the global media and communications landscape and preparing for change
  • Examine how to embrace digital disruption and explore opportunities for growth by nurturing creativity
  • Understand how to measure what you do – inform the results – define the next steps

Who will you meet?

Women in Comms and PR 2016 will be attended by senior decision makers across industries and agencies including:

  • Vice Presidents Communications

  • Vice Presidents Corporate Affairs

  • Vice Presidents Public Relations

  • Vice Presidents Public Affairs

  • Heads of Communications

  • Heads of Corporate Communications

  • Heads of Corporate Affairs

  • Heads of Public Relations

  • Heads of Public Affairs

  • Heads of External Affairs

  • Heads of Internal Communications

  • Heads of Marketing and  Communications

  • Directors Communications

  • Directors Corporate Affairs

  • Directors Public Relations

  • Directors Public Affairs

  • General Managers Communications

  • General Managers Public Relations

  • Public Affairs Managers

  • Public & Government Affairs Managers

  • National Public Relations Managers

  • External Affairs Managers

  • Community Relations Managers

  • Stakeholder Engagement Managers

  • Commercial and Business Development Managers

  • Associated Professional Services Firms

  • Product, Solution and Service Providers


Women in Comms and PR 2016