The 2nd annual NEM Future Forum 2015 Sydney

Implications of new technologies, shifting consumer behaviour and policy uncertainty for the east coast energy sector

The NEM is currently undergoing an unprecedented shift, likely changing the very way in which market participants interact. Traditionally electricity has been a one way street, with large industrial scale generators transferring electricity to homogenous consumers through the transmission and distribution networks. Now, technological innovation and a need to decarbonise our energy markets are creating a situation whereby consumers are able to generate electricity locally and feed electricity back into the grid. This is intensifying the challenge of delivering a secure supply during peak usage periods, distorting market signals and impacting affordability for many consumers, not to mention fundamentally transforming the future for traditional suppliers of stationary energy.

The critical questions are how to ensure that these consumers can interact with the market in an efficient manner and how we can best bring about this change. This is why it is critical that all stakeholders come together to address, discuss and prepare for the raft of changes expected to affect every east-coast energy market participant.

The NEM Future Forum 2015, chaired by industry expert Keith Orchison, will bring together local and international thought leaders from the length of the energy supply chain to explore the raft of issues currently facing the National Electricity Market, in an informative and interactive manner.

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Delivering leading industry experts including:

The key benefits of attending: 

  • Analyse how ongoing policy uncertainty is harming the industry and determine the steps needed to create a more functional market and better climate for future investment
  • Gain insights into the potential impact of distributed generation on traditional utilities
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of integrating solar generation into the NEM
  • Explore the latest developments in battery storage technologies and the opportunities and threats this could create for current market participants
  • Understand how new technologies and smart meters will change retail and consumer relationships
  • Discover how to encourage cost reflective consumer behaviour through better regulation and economic incentives to benefit all market participants

Addressing the key challenges for all stakeholders in the NEM:

  • Overviewing the challenges and opportunities in regulation and government policies
  • Identifying the importance of smart grids and regulation in addressing shifting consumer behaviour
  • Analysing the changing technology landscape and overcoming the challenges it poses for networks and distributors
  • Implications of integrating renewable energy and distributed generation into the NEM
  • Addressing the need for a new approach from retailers to meet prosumer expectations
  • The changing generation and energy demand landscape and technologies that could drive further change
  • Delivering affordable energy to all Australian consumers – the main priority for the NEM
  • Implications of ongoing policy and regulatory uncertainties relating to the RET, generators, networks and retailers

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