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Pre-Conference In-depth Learning Sessions

Tuesday 14 June 2016

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Registration and morning coffee for both sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

Choose between session A or B:

In-depth learning session A
Enterprise agility for leaders – how to keep your teams and business agile

This interactive learning session will explore what makes a truly agile organisation. The secret sauce is not applying a single Agile method (although you may gain some benefits from this), but is instead a mindset. Unlike where so many other workshops and training sessions tell you mindset is culture, this workshop will delve into real solutions that can be systematically applied by leaders to change how you deliver.

Key take away skills/benefits:

  • Understanding that there is a pattern to thinking styles and how this relates to organisational agility
  • Ability to recognise this pattern to both your organisation and to the people inside of it
  • Understanding that there is a pattern to transformation and the pain points that you can expect based upon which pattern approach you take
  • Ability to recognise this pattern within your organisation
  • Understanding the many different methods that comprise the world of Agile and the pain points that these methods are trying to address
  • Walk through best practice enterprise agility – including decentralisation and decoupling, fluidic roles and outcome driven establishment of agile meetings – from teams, to at scale to leadership and portfolio management.
  • Ability to build your own agile method that meets the pain points and needs of your organisation.


Renee Troughton
Founder and Director
Unbound DNA



In-depth learning session B
The key to lateral leadership - how to have impact and build your career through influence

This practical, insightful and information-packed session will use latest neuroscience research to explore how to refine your lateral leadership aptitudes in order to gain exceptional outcomes for you and your organisation. This programme is designed to provide women with the leadership skills and strategies to progress their careers. Those in attendance will be leaders from all industries across Australia’s tech sector.

Key topics and takeaway skills / benefits:

  • Honing your influence and persuasion capabilities to maximise outcomes
  • Enhancing collaboration across the business by building a common purpose
  • Creating strong communication channels between your department and the rest of the organisation
  • Increasing your influence to shaping overarching business strategy
  • Refining your ability to negotiate across the organisation to achieve better ICT outcomes
  • Learning how to network effectively to maximise outcomes for your career development
  • Making and leaving an impact to gain the results you want


Leah Sparkes
Candeo Consulting



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