In-depth Learning Sessions

Monday 21 March

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The below in-depth learning sessions run concurrently over the full day.

Registration and morning coffee for either session is at 08:30 and both sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

Choose between In-depth Learning Session A or B:

In-depth Learning Session A
Implementing effective contract management strategies to increase procurement value and cost savings

This practical in-depth learning session will focus on defining the most efficient contract management strategies that will help you achieve excellence in supplier relationship and reduce unnecessary costs. Those in attendance will be procurement and supply chain managers who are looking for specialized knowledge on how to improve contract management performance. Through interactive discussions and group working sessions, attendees will also learn how to identify, manage and prevent the most critical issues that cause contract underperformance and the organisation’s exposure to risks.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Understand how long-term arrangements help increase performance within key contracts
  • Review key methodologies to prevent non-compliance and underperformance contracts and learn how to apply them within your organisation
  • Identify and learn how to overcome the critical factors in developing a proactive supplier relationship approach
  • Assess the most common drawbacks in contract management and key tips and hints to avoid them

Keith Bird

Principal Consultant
The Faculty


 Jennie Vickers
Director Australia and New Zealand
International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

In-depth Learning Session B
Increasing the capability of your PSCM systems and processes to ensure success and value of your procurement and processes systems

This practical, insightful and information-packed session is designed to assess and identify the challenges of your procurement and supply chain management systems capabilities. Those in attendance will be procurement and supply chain managers from across industry sectors in Australia who are looking for best practice on establishing a baseline for process and systems improvement to streamline efficiency. This session will cover different models and structures to increase value for money by addressing weaknesses in procurement culture and mitigate associated risks.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Identify drivers, risks, issues and constraints in sustainable procurement practices
  • Learn how to engage stakeholder to recognise needs, capability and capacity that will influence the procurement process – and how to improve them
  • Develop training and competency programs by building a team with outstanding procurement and management skills

Antoinette Brandi

Independent Procurement and Supply Chain Specialist


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