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Pre-Conference In-depth Learning Sessions - Tuesday 22 November 2016


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Registration and morning coffee for both sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. Choose between:

In-depth Learning Session A

Building the leadership capabilities to advance your career

This practical in-depth learning session is designed to focus on pinpointing the core values and skills required from media leaders to develop effective leadership and advance their career. Those in attendance will be leaders from broadcast, news, print, publishing, social media, radio, advertising and any other part of the media landscape in Australia who have the purpose and aspiration to achieve senior executive roles. Through interactive discussion and small group sessions, participants will mastermind how organisational excellence goes hand in hand with effective leadership.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Develop an authentic leadership style that is aligned with your personal values and career purposes
  • Fine-tune your existing strengths and capabilities and identify how they support you in achieving your goals
  • Develop the skills and expertise to successfully engage and influence your team in meaningful and positive ways
  • Develop a strategic resilience that enables growth, creativity and innovation
  • Learn how to skillfully lead your team by providing clear direction and inspiration to increase result and performance

Dianne Steward
Owner, Leadership and Executive Coach
Natural Success

In-depth Learning Session B

Keeping your content strategy fresh and agile

Morning - Part 1

During the morning of this interactive session, you will examine how organisational transformation is pivotal in effectively embracing digital disruption and planning and adapting to the global media revolution. This session will cover different content creation models that will help you identify the best suitable strategy for your organisation.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Identify your organisation’s mission, vision and values and build an effective content and strategy creation based on those
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of focusing on the purpose of the business to ensure expressive and successful results
  • Assess how to create innovative content and strategy creation in the constantly changing media environment

Kate Edwards
Founder & CEO

Afternoon - Part 2

During the afternoon of this interactive session, you will examine how content creation can support your brand to build connections that matter. This session will delve deep into the how you can see your brand through your audience’s eyes.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Identify how to build a lasting connection with your audience
  • Learn how to build an evolving platform rather than a singular campaign
  • Explore balance between reality and aspiration (i.e. what your brand is vs. what you want it to be)
  • Understand how to perceive your brand through your audiences’ eyes; their needs and what value you can deliver beyond product
  • Discuss how to create innovative strategy in the constantly changing media environment


Nat Kuznetsova
Strategy Manager
Ikon Communications



Abbie Love
Ikon Communications

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