The Event

What is Women in Media 2016?

The Women in Media 2016 conference will provide a unique platform for leaders of the media industry that are in various stages of their careers to come together and share ideas and experiences and hear from some of the leading women in the industry today. They will get insights into how to build their leadership capabilities, advance their careers and also face some of the significant challenges facing all media execs today.

As media continuously evolves, executives are increasingly looking for strategies and tools to help them develop the right set of skills and capabilities required for the role whilst building an outstanding team through effective leadership, creativity and innovation.

Why attend?

Key benefits of attending 2nd Women in Media 2016:

  • Hear from the most inspiring women in Australia how to overcome challenges in their media career
  • Analyse the evolution of women in leadership to plan and prepare for the future
  • Create an outstanding team by encouraging rising starts to ascend the media ladder
  • Get inspired to become the change you want to see in the world
  • Measure investments to classify the most effective platforms to reach your customers
  • Understand what contemporary customers expect and change and prepare to keep up with new trends in media

Addressing your key challenges:

  • Inspiring leadership
  • Developing the capabilities to move into executive roles
  • Building meaningful strengths, skills and values
  • Creating outstanding tools to interact with contemporary costumers
  • Nurturing innovation and harnessing digital and technology disruption

Who you will meet:

Senior executives responsible for operations, information technology, digital, marketing, people and culture, strategic planning, executive production, sales and client relationship, from all parts of the media industry, including:

  • Broadcast (TV & Radio)
  • News (Digital & Print)
  • Publishing
  • Radio
  • Social Media
  • Production
  • Advertising Agencies

Attendeees in 2015 included:

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By industry: 

Women in Media 2016