The Event

The Waste Strategy Summit is designed for executives working within waste management, recycling, resources recovery, and environment sustainability departments from across all sectors in Australia.

The event’s agenda will cover topics spanning from the need to revisit the approach of production to modern technologies and strategies that optimise waste management, which lead to more effective financial savings and improved work ethics.

The Waste Strategy Summit presents waste management in its entire complexity following the waste hierarchy, with case studies illustrating how to prevent, recycle and recover the most common waste.

You will learn how large organisations such as IKEA, Lendlease, the Hilton and Officeworks as well as local councils are implementing smart waste management strategies to both improve outcomes for their stakeholders and reduce costs.

Over the course of 3 days, attendees will hear from some of the most innovative international stories from Finland and the USA, which will allow them to ‘think outside the box’ and  benchmark their own organisation’s progress in implementing successful waste management programs.

Key benfits of attending the Waste Strategy Summit:

  • Review new industry approaches to waste and sustainability strategies
  • Explore how leading organisations are applying alternative approaches to decrease and manage their waste
  • Acquire new concepts from multiple industries and see how they can help you achieve excellence in waste management
  • Discover new ways to conduct waste practices and overcome challenges of new regulations and environmental pressures
  • Promote waste and sustainable excellence in your organisation through improved business partnership and innovation
  • Learn how to bridge the gap between the need for business expansion and the growing issue of waste
  • Evaluate your waste management plan for increasing efficiency, whilst saving costs

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M: 0481 367 399

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Waste Strategy Summit 2018