What is Waste Strategy Summit 2018

Waste has rapidly become a leading issue for both businesses and governments, as communities place increasing importance on it and the cost of managing waste increases. China’s recent ban on importing recyclables has exacerbated the issue. However, with the right approach there are real opportunities to both reduce waste and the associated costs.

In response, the Waste Strategy Summit is designed for executives working within waste management, recycling, resources recovery, and environment sustainability departments from across all sectors in Australia, who are looking to improve their waste management operations.

The Summit presents waste management in its entire complexity following the waste hierarchy, with case studies illustrating how to prevent, recycle and recover the most common waste.

You will learn how large organisations such as IKEA, Lendlease, the Hilton and Officeworks as well as local councils are implementing smart waste management strategies to both improve outcomes for their stakeholders and reduce costs.

It’s your best opportunity to hear from industry leaders and engage in a high-level discussion that will help you transform your operations, reduce cost and improve outcomes.