In-Depth Learning Session

Thursday 17 March

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Registration and morning coffee for the session is at 08:30 and it will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

In-depth Learning Session
Enhancing organisational security through technological innovation and strategic risk partnerships

This valuable, full-day session is designed for security professionals from all industry sectors looking to develop innovative security and technology strategies that will reinforce existing, conventional countermeasures and help counter risks before they emerge. Specifically, this session will demonstrate how the technological integration of existing security systems and the development of strategic intelligence sharing agreements with geographical and/ or business partners can make these risk relationships work to your advantage and enhance organisational resilience for all involved.

Key topics and take away skills/benefits:

  • Learn how to analyse your organisation’s risk profile in the current threat landscape
  • Understand the implications of your organisation’s risk relationships and gain insights into how these can be used to your advantage
  • Design strategies for the technological integration of existing internal security systems
  • Establish how these systems can be integrated with your organisational and/or geographical partners to further enhance security resilience
  • Demonstrate how strategic intelligence sharing agreements should be undertaken and documented
  • Understand the complexities involved with such integration and intelligence sharing from a legal, financial and security standpoint


Sean Guiney
Managing Consultant Risk & Technology NSW


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