Conference Day One

Conference Day One – Wednesday 19 July

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08:15 | Registration and welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the chair

Paul Chandley, Principal Digital Strategist, Service Strategy Reform, Department of Justice & Regulation, Victorian Government


09:00 | INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Enabling digital transformation in government through open data

Paul Stone, Open Government Data Programme Leader, Secretariat for Open Government Data and Information Programme (NZ)

09:30 | How new technologies’ are changing the data privacy and protection landscape

  • Understanding the critical role adequate data protection plays as services become increasingly digital
  • How we govern privacy and data today, and how this will change with technology
  • Strategies for both public sector organisations to avoid data breach issues
  • Why prioritising protecting and promoting rights and responsibilities is key in achieving a successful digital transformation

Angelene Falk, Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Australian Information Commissioner - OAIC

10:00 | Morning tea


10:30 | How OneGov is helping to drive seamless digital initiatives across NSW

NSW’s OneGov recently won the ‘public sector and government’ category at the iAwards and has been heavily involved in a number of digital transformations across NSW

  • How to lead a whole-of-government approach and deliver connect and seamless services focused on customer needs
  • Engaging the organisation’s team to streamline processes and operations and achieve the expected outcomes
  • Enabling remarkable customer experience for the public across multiple channels
  • Case study – examining OneGov’s digital licensing project and fuel check project

Rahul Dutta, Head of Technology, OneGov, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation NSW

11:00 | Reducing the risk of digital project failure

  • Concept development process, determining whether a project is a “bad idea”
  • Project governance structures, the role of the steering committee
  • Non-functional requirements often overlooked but critical to every project's success (security/privacy, accessibility, availability, usability, comprehensibility, reliability, achievability, audit ability)
  • Building a project team with the right mix of agency permanent/temporary staff and contract personnel
  • Using function points to deliver agile projects that comply with Government procurement guidelines
  • Understand the key elements that make up a commercially viable and assessible tender

Ian Brightwell, Senior Consultant, DH4  and Former Director IT and CIO, NSW Electoral Commission

11:30 | Developing strategic plans that support operational delivery when transitioning to digital

  • How strategic planning translates to operational delivery in digital transformation
  • Strategies to continue to add value, optimize revenue streams and bringing new products to market
  • Tips and hints to improve operational delivery in highly regulated environments

Paul Shaw, National Manager, Regulation and Enforcement, Australian Financial Security Authority

12:00 | Networking lunch


13:00 | The critical role of leadership in managing change and ensuring successful digital project delivery

  • How to manage key stakeholders when working on a range of different projects
  • Strategies to bring the entire team along to create a stronger ‘buy-in’ for new projects
  • Engaging change and encouraging your team to embrace it
  • Learning lessons from failures and overcoming setbacks

Michael Clark, Executive Director Technology & Innovation Corporate Group, Fair Work Ombudsman

13:30 | CASE STUDY: The AEC’s Senate reform project – how to manage complex change in a short timeline

  • An overview of the largest electoral reform in the past 30 years from conceptualization to delivery
  • Dealing with the changes to the Senate legislation in an extremely short timeframe
  • How AEC went with taking on scanning technology for the reading of Senate ballot papers

Tim Courtney, First Assistant Commissioner, Australian Electoral Commission

14:00 | Encouraging collaboration to help enable transformation, decrease cost and increase value for rate payers

  • Digital standard – what could be expected by policy makers do to incentive more open, innovative and participatory governments?
  • How could digital government initiatives provide greater support for small business?
  • What would we need to be able to bridge the gap between public sector capabilities and private sector accomplishments in digital transformation?

Panel moderator:
Paul Chandley, Principal Digital Strategist, Service Strategy Reform, Department of Justice & Regulation, Victorian Government

Chris O’Connor, Manager Digital Casey, City of Casey
Jon Cumming, Chief Digital Officer, ACT Government
Paul Stone, Open Government Data Programme Leader, Secretariat for Open Government Data and Information Programme (NZ)

14:45 | Afternoon tea 

15:15 | ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: The future of digital transformation

This interactive 45 minute moderated roundtable discussion will focus on the importance of improving the relationship and social impact of digital transformation. During this session, participants will be divided into groups. The moderator will pose questions to the groups to discuss their thoughts on their table. After the group discussion, the moderator will turn to the tables for their responses.
Key discussion points:

  • How will digital redefine industries?
  • What is the social impact of digital transformation?
  • Are relationships between departments, agencies and the industry dysfunctional? Explore.
  • How can we create and leverage relationships that enable sustainable outcomes for government and citizens?

Jon Cumming,
Chief Digital Officer, ACT Government


16:00 | CLOSING KEYNOTE: How Uber is reinventing business through technology – and what government can learn from it

  • An overview of Uber’s business strategies
  • How the new technology platform has reinvented the transport industry
  • Understanding the critical role of negotiating the creation of new regularity frameworks for a newly established business

Jessika Loefstedt, Acting Head of Public Policy, Uber

16:30 | Closing remarks from the Chair

16:40 | End of Day One and networking drinks

18:00 | Official event dinner

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