Supporting Bodies

Supporting bodies at the 3rd Annual HealthProcure Conference

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia Incorporated (CILTA) CILT was established in the UK in 1919, and has been operating in Australia since 1935. CILTA is part of the CILT International network with of over 33,000 members and more than 200 key corporations working in 100+ countries. Our mission is to provide leadership in research, policy and professional development and supporting continuous improvement in the Transport and Logistics Industry. The association covers all those who work transporting passengers, moving freight and managing Australian domestic and international supply chains from the most junior school leaver to the most senior CEOs. CILTA's accredited, certified and recognized development programs, along with its networking and event opportunities truly offer its members 'the way forward for industry professionals'.


ProjectConnect is an online service designed to list project opportunities and to connect Australian businesses together to find industry suppliers or identify new business opportunities.

ProjectConnect allows businesses of all sizes to become involved in major project work, from prime contractors to small subcontractors. By publishing contact details of companies that have been awarded work on projects, we enable all businesses to build new relationships and networks throughout industry.

ProjectConnect is free, so there is no charge for businesses to create a company profile, register interest in project opportunities and access contact information of contract winners. If you want access to some advanced tools to make your life easier, there is a subscription charge to be paid. However, all information on the system is free of charge.

The Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) is Australia’s largest association for Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners working in SME’s through to large Corporates.

We are a member based organisation, run by volunteers  and at our very core is our mission to serve and advance the interests of Supply Chain and Logistics professionals and practitioners (SCL) in Australia. We do this through the development of the profession and practice of SCL, collaboration with industry stakeholders and promotion and recognition of world’s best practice.

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