Conference Day Two

Conference Day Two – Wednesday 16 November


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08:30 | Welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the Chair

Kathleen Labrum, Former General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing


09:00 | INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE CASE STUDY: Cultivating commerciality in public healthcare procurement – Transformative THINKING, Transformative DOING

  • An introduction to Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) journey to transformation
  • Assessing main drivers and aims of the transformation
  • Understanding which frameworks were adopted for the HPB procurement transformation
  • Overviewing the results, impact and value creation for HPB
  • Designing the projects transferability and assessing key learning points

Sebastian ChuaHead of Procurement, Health Promotion Board Singapore Government

09:45 | Disruptive innovation or sustaining innovators for procurement in health – what will work for community health services?

  • How disruptive innovative approaches help organisations deal with difficult social problems
  • Understanding the service systems and delivering what patient needs
  • Developing and implementing simpler, more efficient and less expensive procurement models
  • Removing barriers to innovation for the purchaser and supplier of community health services
  • How will health departments overcome organisational culture challenges and increase awareness, expertise and trust in new procurement approaches?

Dawn MorrisDirector, Funding and Contract Management Unit, Queensland Health

10:15 | Morning tea


10:45 | P2P CASE STUDY: 12 months post-implementation – analysing Southern Cross Care P2P system’s true savings and costs

  • An overview of the actual success of the system 12 months after its implementation
  • Key lessons learned and contractor compliance within the health sector
  • Identifying true costs of implementation and how much savings Southern Cross Care have achieved
  • Exploring the key elements in compliance around contractors for health services, and how electronic systems support accreditation/regulation requirements within aged care

Charlie Way, Group Manager Property, Assets & Procurement, Southern Cross Care

11:15 | The challenge of change in the pharmaceutical supply chain

An effective supply chain for pharmaceutical products is critical for healthcare systems and population health, but supply security for generic medicines has been increasingly difficult to ensure for industry and buyers over the last five to ten years. This presentation will look at the causes, as well as the strategy proposed by Victorian public health services and Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) to take steps to improve supply chain performance for pharmaceuticals.

Dylan Cross, Head of Equipment Sourcing, Health Purchasing Victoria

11:45 | CASE STUDY: Assessing the challenges and benefits of the Ambulance Victoria automated purchasing system

  • An overview of Ambulance Victoria’s automation process implemented to their purchasing system
  • Key challenges and considerations in applying this automation
  • Exploring how we overcame these challenges and key lessons learnt
  • Analysing the results so far

Catherine McCoskerProcurement Manager, Ambulance Victoria

12:15 | CASE STUDY: An overview of St John Ambulance Australia’s direct overseas sourcing of medical product

  • An overview of where to start, choosing and evaluating suppliers, building a business case and implementation
  • Ensuring Quality, regulatory compliance, social responsibility and brand protection is maintained
  • Commercial negotiations, building partnerships and mitigation of risks around overseas supply
  • On-going management and Business continuity planning

Dilhan De Silva, General Manager, Strategic Sourcing & Compliance, St John Ambulance Australia

12:35 | Networking lunch


13:35 | CASE STUDY: How Silver Chain is responding to a changing marketplace

  • An overview of funding horizon of the health and aged care sector
  • Aligning your contracting strategies with the companies vision, mission and values
  • Enhancing the client experience whilst increasing overall operations safety

Frances Kelly, Group Finance Manager, Contract Management, Silverchain Group


14:15 | PURCHASER’S THINK TANK: How can health and aged care organisations better engage with their suppliers?

In this Think Tank session our panel of experts will explore practical opportunities for all health and aged care organisations to better engage with their various suppliers and service providers. The aim of the Think Tank is to have more than just a discussion, to think outside of the box and finish the session with actionable ideas delegates can take home to their organisations.

Key discussion topics:

  • Have companies taken full control of their health system or are vendors currently managing it?
  • What are the key issues and considerations in developing effective vendor management strategies?
  • How can buyers integrate innovation and technology to improve stakeholders’ partnership?
  • How can health and aged care organisations optimise how their money is spent and get better value of it?

Kathleen Labrum, Former General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing

Think Tank members:
Amrik Sohal, Professor – Department of Management, Monash University
Rachel Foster, Nurse Unit Manager Operating Theatres, Royal Hobart Hospital, Tasmanian Health Service
Rosemary KennedyExecutive Director, ACT Health

15:00 | SUPPLIERS’ THINK TANK: How can suppliers better engage procurement teams to drive commercial outcomes and outcomes for patients?

In this Think Tank session a panel of regular suppliers of goods and services to health and aged care will come together to brainstorm practical ways that health and aged care organisations can better interact with them and leverage their expertise to deliver better commercial outcomes for both parties and for patients. This will be a rare and highly valuable opportunity to get an insight into the procurement process from a vendors perspective and the session will look to identify actionable areas in which procurement managers can realise results.

Key discussion topics:

  • Identifying areas of the procurement process where efficiencies could be achieved
  • How can procurement teams better leverage the product/service knowledge of their suppliers to inform their decisions and to train those using the product/service
  • Examining various technologies and systems that can streamline supplier engagement and procurement processes

Our panel of experts will explore practical opportunities for all health and aged care organisations to better engage with their various suppliers and service providers. 

Kathleen Labrum,
Former General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing
Think Tank members:

Adrian Seymour, General Manager, Total Construction

15:45 | Afternoon tea

16:15 | ROUNDTABLE SESSION: How can purchasers and suppliers improve alliances and partnerships to drive innovation and business excellence?

During this interactive session, participants will be divided into groups. The session moderator will pose questions to the groups to discuss at the table. After the group discussion, the moderator will turn to the tables for their responses. Take this opportunity to dig deep into your learnings from the previous think tank discussions and explore your understanding by engaging with your group.

Key discussion topics:

  • An overview of how effective alliances and partnership between buyers and vendors can help achieve business excellence
  • Managing performance and mitigating organisational challenges through innovation and technology
  • Engaging all stakeholders to align strategy and best leverage your most strategic alliances and partnerships

Amrik SohalProfessor – Department of Management, Monash University


17:00 | Developing effective change management to drive procurement and supply chain transformation

  • Addressing specific procurement leadership behaviours to increase successful transformation outcome
  • How to design change management strategies to engage your procurement and supply chain department
  • Driving leadership that streamlines perception, attitudes and behaviours and facilitate collaboration
  • Aligning your procurement and supply chain department with the company’s mission, vision and values

Kathleen LabrumFormer General Manager, CCI Group Purchasing

17:30 | Closing remarks from the Chair and drawing of the lucky door prize!

17:40 | End of Day Two and close of conference

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