The Event

The 3rd annual HealthProcure conference will once again provide a unique platform for senior procurement and supply chain managers from right across Australia’s health and aged care sectors to come together and share ideas, hear from leading industry executives and benchmark against the best.

Through a series of keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions and Think Tank sessions, delegates will get insights into how to overcome some of their biggest PSCM challenges and leave with actionable ideas for improving their operations.

What’s new for the 3rd annual HealhProcure conference?

  • Hear from leading local and international organisations  and how they achieved excellence in their procurement and supply chain models
  • Greater interaction – new think tanks, roundtable sessions and survey panel discussions specifically designed for more discussion and networking
  • New case studies – learn from your peers how to measure true costs and savings and key lessons learned on P2P systems implementation
  • A more comprehensive agenda designed to address the strategic significance of procurement in healthcare and how to deliver great benefits to patients
  • A wider range of sectors in healthcare to benchmark your own organisation’s progress

Why attend? Key benefits of attending the 3rd annual HealthProcure conference:

  • Examine the big trends in healthcare and procurement, and where they intersect
  • Understand the strategic significance of procurement in the healthcare sector
  • Discover how to create value-driven procurement that enables collaboration and delivers greater benefits to patient
  • Analyse how procurement can help facilitate innovation in healthcare
  • Identify how leading organisations are creating benefits through high value procurement models
  • Assess how to develop a more secure supply chain operations
  • Create strategic and meaningful partnerships that enable technology and innovation
  • Learn how to better enable procurement transformation

The conference will address key challenges faced by health and aged care procurement and supply chain professionals:

  • Implementing high value procurement operations to achieve excellence
  • Designing long term supplier engagement approaches to achieve better procurement outcomes
  • Maximising buying benefits by improving change management strategies during complex operations
  • Streamlining procurement to pay processes (P2P) to maximise competitiveness
  • Leveraging technology in healthcare procurement to develop a successful control system
  • Implementing supply chain securency strategies to make the most out of international partnerships
  • Delivering more cost efficient procurement outcomes by designing agile operations
  • Analysing how to reduce potential risks when procuring goods and services in the healthcare sector

Who will you meet?

  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Clinical Procurement Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Commercial Director
  • Contracts and Procurement Manager
  • Demand Planning & Inventory Manager
  • Deputy Director
  • Deputy Head of Procurement
  • Director of Procurement
  • Directors of Supply Chain
  • Executive Director Procurement and Facilities
  • Group Finance Manager
  • Group Manager, Contract Management
  • Group Procurement Manager
  • Head of Category Management
  • Head of Commercial
  • Head of Clinical Procurement
  • Head of Procurement
  • Head of Strategic Sourcing
  • Senior Commercial Manager
  • Senior Procurement Manager
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager


  • Federal and state government health departments and agencies
  • Public and private hospitals
  • Public and private aged care providers
  • Pathology, radiology centers and medical centers

Who attends HealthProcure?

BY JOB TITLE                                                          BY ORGANISATION                                             BY REGION



3rd annual Health Procure