The NEM Future Forum 2014, Sydney, Australia

Distributed generation - smart meters - cost reflective pricing
Addressing the new consumer paradigm, evolving technologies and fundamental energy market transformations

The NEM is currently undergoing an unprecedented shift where the very way in which market participants interact is likely to change. Traditionally electricity has been a one way street, with large industrial scale generators transferring electricity to homogenous consumers through the transmission and distribution networks.

Now, technological innovation and a need to decarbonise our energy markets are creating a situation whereby consumers are able to generate electricity locally and feed electricity back into the grid. This is intensifying the challenge of delivering a secure supply during peak usage periods, distorting market signals and impacting affordability for many consumers, not to mention fundamentally transforming the future for traditional suppliers of stationary energy.

The critical question is how to ensure that these consumers can interact with the market in an efficient manner and how we can best bring about this change.

The NEM Future Forum, co-located with the 3rd annual Eastern Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook conference, will bring together senior stakeholders in the energy industry to address this critical issue and help all in attendance understand how this transformation will impact their operations.

Key speakers include:

John Pierce
Australian Energy Market
Commission (AEMC)

Hugh Gleeson
Chief Executive Officer
United Energy and Multinet Gas


Charles Popple
Executive Advisor – Industry Development
SP Ausnet



Paul Graham
Chief Economist


Ivor Frischknecht
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Renewable Energy Agency

Rob Murray-Leach
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Efficiency Council

Tony Wood
Program Director – Energy
Grattan Institute


The NEM Future Forum 2014 is a separately bookable day and part of the Eastern Australia's Energy Markets Outlook 2014 conference.

The NEM Future forum conference - event overview of Sydney 2014

Addressing the most critical challenges facing the NEM:

  • Understanding the fundamental market transformations facing the NEM
  • The case to implement cost reflective pricing
  • Assessing the outlook for a decentralised energy market
  • Creating an effective market with increased consumer engagement
  •  Analysing which technologies will drive this transformation

Benefits of attending

  • Assess various scenarios that could unfold in energy markets in the medium term
  • Understand the likely shape of the energy market in 2020 and beyond
  • Identify business threats and opportunities stemming from an evolving market
  • Meet and network with the leaders of Australia’s energy industry

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