Carbon Abatement Forum 2015
Sydney, Australia

Examining the commercial, political and economic landscape for carbon abatement

In the lead up to the COP21 meeting in Paris, decarbonising the economy is becoming front and centre in the minds of Australia’s people, politicians and business leaders.

The Carbon Abatement Forum 2015, being held just weeks from the COP21 meeting in Paris, will bring together business leaders from across industries, with government and other key stakeholders, to examine the opportunities and strategies available for carbon abatement and help you understand better how the Paris talks are going to impact Australian businesses. The conference will analyse future industry exposure to climate risk, emerging commercial opportunities arising from the push to reduce carbon emissions and the institutional, market, regulatory and financing mechanisms/structures that will drive de-carbonisation.

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With key expert speakers including: 

Addressing the key carbon abatement issues for Australian business and industry:

  • Examining the business case for carbon abatement and understanding the implicit challenges in this proposition for Australian industry
  • Developing regulatory and institutional structures that will drive concerted action from government, business and industry for carbon abatement and economic growth
  • Analysing the market mechanisms, processes and technological innovations that will lie at the core of successful emissions reduction strategy and action
  • Implementing energy efficiency, waste sequestration and other innovative solutions for reducing carbon
  • Understanding and mitigating the trade exposure of industry to climate change action through comprehensive, integrated organisational strategies for GHG abatement
  • Assessing and mitigating risk to business from climate change and climate change policy

Six key benefits of attending: 

  1. Assess the science of climate change to frame an effective business strategy and response for emissions reduction
  2. Understand how to mobilise public and private climate finance and develop investment plans for to modernise your business and reduce your carbon footprint
  3. Analyse the evolving climate change regulatory landscape and assess business risk and exposure to climate policy
  4. Hear cross sector experience on voluntary action for abatement and the innovative approaches for better energy management and productivity
  5. Assess the market mechanisms for abatement and the commercial opportunities emerging from the evolving national and global carbon marketplace
  6. Implement system and process innovation to improve energy efficiency and performance to reduce operating costs and enable emissions reduction

With a room full of key decision makers from some of Australia’s largest emitters, this conference provides the ideal platform to engage with stakeholders who are actively seeking new ways to enhance their emissions reduction strategies and abatement processes and make their systems more efficient, productive and sustainable.

Sponsorship opportunities are available!

Position your brand as an authority in your sector – present on the program, sponsor a networking function or demonstrate your solutions in a full day post-conference learning session to improve your chances of beating your competition.

Investments range from $7,500 to $50,000

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