The Event

With Australia’s gas markets on the east, north and west coasts undergoing unprecedented change, Australian gas leaders, industry officials, regulators and major industry stakeholders will gather in Sydney in March 2016 to discuss the impacts of 2015’s volatile gas market and the future of the domestic gas industry at the 4th annual Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference.

Being held once again at the Four Seasons in Sydney from 7 – 10 March, this event will bring together key industry stakeholders from the length of the supply chain to address and help all in attendance understand what lies ahead for Australia’s domestic gas markets.

It’s your opportunity to hear insights from chief economists, chief executive officers, and chief policy makers on how the industry is recalibrating itself to the new gas market dynamics and get the latest updates on gas market reform.

Who will attend?

The Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 will again be attended by all stakeholders and decision makers with an interest in the Australian domestic gas sector.

You will have the opportunity to network with senior representatives from:

  • Federal and state departments responsible for energy market policy
  • Gas explorers and producers
  • Gas transmission, distribution and retailers
  • Generators
  • Large gas users
  • Renewable energy providers
  • Associated professional services firms (legal, accounting, consulting)
  • Construction and engineering firms servicing the energy sector
  • Energy technology and equipment vendors
  • Bankers and investors in the energy sector
  • Sector analysts and energy traders

Why attend?

Benefits of attending the 4th annual Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference include:

  • Hear insights from chief economists, chief executives, and chief market regulators on the issues currently affecting domestic gas supply and demand
  • Access expert analysis on the future policy framework that will govern domestic gas markets
  • Gain valuable information to help seize investment opportunities in the north, east and west coasts
  • Keep abreast of all the latest international developments that are impacting Australia’s domestic gas market
  • Join the progressive debate around best policy initiatives to improve transparency, liquidity and competition to secure competitive domestic gas supply
  • Discover how gas infrastructure projects are creating a more efficient gas market, encouraging new supply and meeting the needs of users

The conference will be addressing the key challenges facing Australian domestic gas stakeholders:

  • Understanding the changing dynamics between supply, demand and price across Australia’s domestic markets
  • Analysing the implications of fuel switching and declining domestic demand for retailers and networks
  • Addressing the challenges faced by large users and identifying innovative solutions to price and supply concerns
  • Identifying potential constraints on domestic supply development and opportunities to bring more supply to market
  • Improving market infrastructure and trading mechanisms to address ‘information asymmetry’ and improve gas market outcomes
  • Examining gas’ domestic and global role ‘post Paris’ – how can gas promote itself in a carbon constrained world?

Download the conference brochure for full details here.

Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016