Conference Day Two

Wednesday 9 March 2016

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08:30 | Welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the Chair

Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor, University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI)


09:00 | Keynote Presentation: Update on the regulator's east coast gas inquiry

Rod Sims, Chairman, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

09:25 | Determining strategic direction and priorities in today’s complex policy environment

  • Rules and rule-making – improving the clarity of energy market institution roles
  • Addressing regulatory decision-making in today’s changing market environment
  • The role of the market operator and its responsive to changing energy market dynamics
  • Governance processes and scope for expansion

Euan Morton, Review Panel, Governance Arrangements for Australian Energy Markets

09:50 | Should we create a National Gas Market (NGM)?

  • The 1990’s saw the development of a ‘National Electricity Market’, is now the right time to start building a ‘National Gas Market’?
  • What would such a market look like, how would different stakeholders interact and who would regulate it?
  • What would be the benefits to all stakeholders of such a market?

Richard Cottee, Managing Director, Central Petroleum

10:15 | How Australia can create more vibrant domestic gas market

  • Setting the policy priorities to ensure adequate and affordable supply for the domestic market
  • Identifying opportunities to introduce new contracting arrangements that better meet the needs of users and producers in a changing environment
  • Encouraging more supply to enter the market with better regulation

Malcolm Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, APPEA

10:40 | Morning tea

11:10 | Panel discussion: Can Australia create a National Gas Market and would it be a benefit to stakeholders?

  • What are the key challenges in creating a national gas market and at what cost can they be overcome?
  • Would an NGM (through facilitating more short tern or spot trading) be effective in easing some of the current concerns of large users?
  • How could an NGM encourage new supply into the market and would it be more attractive to junior and mid-tier producers than current arrangements?

Panel moderator:
Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor, University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI)
Richard Cottee, Managing Director, Central Petroleum
Clare Savage, Executive Director Policy, Business Council of Australia
Ed Willet,
Tribunal Member, IPART

Chantelle Bramley, Senior Director for Strategy and Economic Analysis, Australian Energy Market Commission

11:50 | Assessing the potential for growth and strong market dynamics for Australia’s domestic gas supply

  • Best practices in gas market fundamentals to make value-adding investment decisions
  • Driving gas business growth with low capex spend
  • Capitalising on key unconventional projects and their emerging role in supplying Australia’s eastern gas market
  • What are the key requirements from policy to reduce the barriers for small and mid-tier suppliers?

Ian Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Senex Energy


12:15 | The east coast gas market in 2015: the impact of LNG start-ups and the drop in oil prices

East coast supply and demand – how the industry has responded to a vastly different landscape and challenges in the past year
• What has happened in the first year of LNG exports from Queensland?
• Gas moving forward: what policy developments and market reforms will impact LNG, CSG, shale, hubs, and pricing prospects moving into 2016 and 2017?

Graeme Bethune, Chief Executive Officer, EnergyQuest

12:45 | Networking lunch

13:45 | Ensuring a secure and affordable gas supply for NSW consumers, small businesses and large users

  • How NSW is responding to gas price and supply challenges
  • Where NSW will source its gas from for the rest of the decade
  • What is the future for unconventional and conventional gas development in NSW?
  • Opportunities to reduce negative impacts on large and small business

Kylie Hargreaves, Deputy Secretary, Resources and Energy, NSW Department of Industry

14:10 | Developing a holistic, focused supply and demand action plan in response to the significant transition occurring in the Australian gas market

  • Building an evidenced based road map for government, community and industry that stimulates increased gas supply and optimises demand opportunities
  • Analysing costs and cost-drivers across a gas project lifecycle to determine where Government can contribute to encourage sustained sector growth
  • How can Government positively influence existing trading platforms that encourage price discovery, given the current immaturity of these markets?
  • Key findings of the Action Plan

David Rynne, Chief Economist, Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

14:35 | Afternoon tea


15:05 | International Keynote: The New Zealand gas story – how they are supplying their domestic market

  • Identifying the range of areas where New Zealand’s regime is fit for purpose
  • Optimising the contribution of gas to New Zealand in terms of a legacy of assets and investment
  • Leveraging the opportunities from a remarkable global resurgence in gas exploration and use
  • How gas is being looked at in a new way both to help address climate issues and drive economic growth in leading economies

Steve Bielby, Chief Executive Officer, Gas Industry Company

15:35 | Panel Discussion: Opportunities for better operations, communication and engagement to drive better outcomes for gas stakeholders

  • How can the gas message be communicated more effectively?
  • Outlook for development of unconventionals in Australia and resolving the coal seam gas impasse
  • Matching local production with local demand – how can having communities more involved in local gas developments (through employment and use) help all involved?
  • Working together to reduce any negative community impacts of gas projects

Panel moderator:
Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor, University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI)

Andrew Garnett, Director, Centre for Coal Seam Gas, Sustainable Minerals Institute
Garry Marsden, General Manager-Commercial, Leigh Creek Energy
David Van, Manager Director, De Wintern Group

16:15 | Closing remarks from the Chair and drawing of the lucky door prize!

16:25 | Close of Day Two

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