The Event

Online customers in 2016 expect that their desired products are always available, will arrive quickly and securely and have flexible delivery and return options. As more and more online stores emerge and traditional bricks and mortar retailers move online logistics and supply chain divisions are simultaneously becoming an important competitive differentiator and increasingly ‘stretched’.

Retail businesses are constantly searching for ways to improve their supply chain, logistics and warehousing operations to help them deliver goods quickly, to the right place at the least cost possible.

The Online Retail Logistics 2016 conference is bringing together leaders from the sector to address the biggest challenges facing online retail logistics today. With key decision makers to attend, the conference and exhibition offers a limited number of exclusive exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, designed specifically to ensure that your organisation stands out from the crowd.

Why attend Online Retail Logistics 2016?

Online Retail Logistics 2016 is being developed specifically to address the pressing issues facing senior e-commerce supply chain, logistics and warehousing managers who run complex supply chains. The conference will be focused on addressing their biggest challenges, including:

  • Identifying and implementing the technologies to help drive business outcomes
  • Reshaping business structures and attracting/training the right workforce skills to face the massive shift towards online shopping
  • Building the right e-commerce logistics strategy to meet changing customer demands
  • Achieving a customer driven supply chain by better collaboration between e-commerce retail professionals and 3PL providers
  • Achieving real-time, enterprise wide inventory visibility in an omni-channel supply chain
  • Optimising last mile order fulfillment operations by implementing innovation in supply chain systems, practice and infrastructure

Key benefits of attending include:

  • Benchmark your strategies against your peers and get insights into how some of the best in the industry operate
  • Learn how to create a customer centric supply chain with better 3PL collaboration strategies
  • Understand how to build a real time stock inventory system in your organisation
  • Discover new and innovative ways to set up and run warehousing operations and distribution centers to fit your strategy
  • Hear how to integrate online and traditional supply chains to compete and survive in the changing retail landscape
  • Get insights into how you can improve your demand forecasting capabilities

Who will you meet?

You will have the opportunity to network with those involved in executing their retail organisations supply chain, logistics and distribution strategy including: 

Supply Chain Manager
Supply Chain Operations

Director Supply Chain
Head of Supply Chain
General Manager Supply Chain
Supply Chain Strategy
Head of Logistics
National Logistics Manager
Director Logistics
Third Party Logistics Manager (3PL Logistics)
Fourth Party Logistics Manager (4PL logistics)
Production & Logistics Manager
Logistics Manager
Online Operations Manager
Online Retail Operations Manager
Head of Warehousing
Warehousing & logistics Manager
Head of Operations
GM Operations
Chief Marketing Officer
Head of Marketing

Partnerships Manager
Distribution Manager
Commercial Manager
GM Commercial
E-commerce Manager
Head of Online Digital Strategy & E-commerce
General Manager E-commerce
E-commerce and Omni-Channel Retail Manager
Omnichannel Manager
Multichannel Manager
Head of Online Retail
Manager Online Retail
Head of Online Retail Merchandise Planning
Online Retail Analyst
Online Retail Director
Online Marketing Manager
Head of Digital Marketing
Chief Digital Officer
Digital Operations Director
Manager Digital Operations
Head of Digital Merchandising


Online Retail Logistics 2016