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Post-conference full-day in-depth learning sessions – Wednesday 1 November


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Registration and morning coffee for both sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. Choose between:

In-depth Learning Session A

Building a view of the NEM from the bottom up

The new world of technology solutions and intermediaries pose new and significant challenges for forecasting, and balancing supply and demand in the increasingly two-way electricity supply chain.

This workshop will build a view of the future state of the NEM from the bottom up, designed for all stakeholders in the energy sector.

Starting with trends already underway, and potential new developments, the session will explore the implications for the NEM of a world in which technology and intermediaries offer customers alternatives for getting what they want: affordable electricity prices and reliable electricity supply – with extras (like decarbonisation), but only after those two primary concerns have been taken care of.

The session will look to answer these key questions:

  • What do customers really want – and what trade-offs are they willing to make?
  • What do consumers think about what the industry is doing on their behalf – concerning topics like security of supply, the value they place on reliability, system strength and affordability?
  • How well is consumer engagement going – and is it being exercised in the right place?
  • What difference will embedded networks make in the new construction and retrofit markets?
  • How much further will rooftop PV take-up go?  How many of those installations will have battery storage added?
  • How quickly will electric vehicles be taken up and how will recharging be arranged?
  • What exactly is the role – and who should be the recipient – of more cost-reflective pricing?
  • Will advanced controls and more on-site generation finally make demand response an active part of the electricity supply chain?
  • What’s the future for the big retailers in a world of technology solutions and disintermediation?
  • What point in the electricity supply chain offers the best vantage point for balancing supply and demand?


Lance Hoch, Executive Director, Oakley Greenwood
Jim Snow, Executive Director, Oakley Greenwood
Greg Thorpe, Executive Director, Oakley Greenwood

In-depth learning session B

Better understanding the energy consumer using data analytics

This value-packed session is designed for those working within regulators and industry alike who want to deepen their knowledge of energy consumers’ behaviour.

This session will analyse the latest trend in consumer analytics and will give attendees tools to develop strategies to attract new customers and increase the value from their existing ones.

From here, the session will focus on analysing how data analytics will enable your organisation to reach the next step of your strategy, improve customer service and improve your reputation.

Key topics and take away skills/benefits:

  • Examine the latest trends in analytics for customer data
  • Take a detailed look at the way in which energy customers are currently acting in the market and what their actions mean
  • Analyse how your organisation can use these tools to deliver more value and conquer more markets
  • Examine how knowing customers better will lead you to inform strategic decisions
  • Identify opportunities for new products in the market
  • Maximise customer engagement to increase value from your existing consumers


Benjamin Zisser
Managing Director
I.N Concept

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