The Event

At its heart, diversity and inclusion is about warmly embracing difference and making the most out of it. Different skills, different experiences, different life stages, different knowledge, different ideals, different ways of life, different ways of seeing the world, different weaknesses, different strengths make up the sum of all of our variations as human beings and this variability can really offer great value to organisations. Accommodating difference with a spirit of inclusion really isn’t always a burden – introducing more diversity into your teams can help make them more resilient, functional and capable of problem solving and innovation. These are real and critically important strengths in an increasingly disrupted, rapidly changing world and work environment.

A commitment to diversity and inclusion in Government really needs to go well beyond buzz words. Everyone talks about it but how do you actually achieve it? Quest Events 2019 Government Diversity and Inclusion Summit will explore how public sector organisations can really make difference make a difference. Going beyond lip service and social good wash to walking the talk of a workforce culture centred on diversity and inclusion.  Unlocking the potential of greater social equity in your workplace and the tangible business improvement and service delivery benefits it can provide.

This year’s Government Diversity and Inclusion Summit program will explore how the public sector can better unlock the value in difference - using inclusion of diversity to positively transform the government workforce for both greater innovation and productivity and a more human workplace.

Government Workplace Diversity Summit will address your key challenges:  

  • Implementing a meaningful diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Building a culture that helps you and your team achieve success 
  • Understanding emerging trends and how they will impact the Australian public sector workforce
  • Driving change and embracing innovation

Why Attend?

Key benefits of attending:

  • Hear successful case studies and best industry approaches on diversity and inclusion (D&I)
  • Understand how the digital economy is influencing D&I in government
  • Implement meaningful strategies and policies to retain a committed and satisfied workforce
  • Build a culture that helps you and your team achieve successful business outcomes
  • Create significant change by aligning your organisation’s D&I practices and strategic goals
  • Build influence, educate and encourage cross-department leaders to get on board 

Who will you meet?

Decision makers and buyers of your products, services or solutions as well as Australian public sector executives involved with diversity and inclusion initiatives. You will meet HR and senior executives who are seeking to drive change, embrace innovation and deliver improved business outcomes, and with an interest in developing more high performing and innovative workplaces.

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Government Workplace Diversity Summit 2019