The Event

The disruption of electricity markets and the growth of solar PV in recent years has seen energy storage systems emerge as a critical element in the transformation of electricity markets. The  global  market  for  grid-connected  residential  photovoltaic  (PV)  solar  installations   along with storage is  expected to reach  900  MW  in 2018 from a 2014 level of 90 MW in 2014; while global revenue for installed energy storage enabling technology is expected to hit $21.5 billion in 2024. All of this could translate to a commercial market of approximately 3,000 MW in Australia by 2030.

The Electricity Storage Future Forum will bring together energy sector leaders – generators, networks, retailers and distributors - with state and federal government representatives, peak bodies and technology disruptors for a three day forum dedicated to examining the current and emerging trends for energy storage in Australia. In considering the state of play and outlook for each distinct market segment – utility scale storage, community, residential and commercial – the forum analyses the evolution of storage technology, the impacts on energy economics, the changes to market conditions and the policy and regulatory landscape for storage.

Why Attend?

The forum will examine the key challenges for integration of electricity storage into the energy market:

  • Reducing barriers to the deployment and integration of electricity storage through effective policy to advance storage uptake while maintaining the integrity of energy markets
  • Forecasting the impacts of electricity storage, electric vehicles and fuel switching on the electricity market
  • Positing potential changes to business models as distributors, networks and retailers adjust to expansion of storage
  • Examining key regulatory issues for the deployment of new technologies by new and existing players and for integration of storage into the market
  • Assessing the value and cost effectiveness of storage throughout the value chain and understanding the implications for energy economics
  • Understanding the transformation of the energy consumer and the implications for the structure of electricity markets

Who should attend?

The Electricity Storage Future Forum will be attended by decision makers from stakeholder groups across the energy sector with an interest in storage technologies, distributed generation, new energy markets and other emerging technologies and will include:

  • Federal and state governments and government departments responsible for energy market policy and regulation
  • Energy sector investors
  • Electricity generators
  • Electricity transmission, distribution and retail
  • Large energy users
  • Energy market analysts and professional services firms
  • Energy technology and equipment vendors
  • Investment banks
  • Consumer organisations and experts

Register online today!

If you are looking at showcasing your technology, software and solutions to the decision makers of Australia’s energy markets then the Electricity Storage Future Forum offers you a dedicated three day platform to do just that.

Call Jon Treherne on +61 (0)2 8188 7536 or email to discuss how we can put you in front of a highly engaged and receptive audience.

Electricity Storage Future Forum 2016