Energy Storage – the great disruptor?

The entire energy industry is buzzing with discussion around energy storage. Some believe storage, combined with microgeneration and clever applications and analytics will completely transform the energy market, others are still unsure as to exactly how it will be integrated, by whom and to what effect.

Much of this hinges on the impacts of economies of scale of production on storage technology prices and also the development of clever analytics and software that can facilitate the most efficient flow of energy in and out of the battery as needed. The road ahead is uncertain.
Incumbent utilities by and large missed the opportunity that the solar boom represented for them, with smaller solar installers now dominating the market. Their boards and executive teams won’t let the storage ‘boom’ pass.

The key question still stands though, will it truly be ‘the great disruptor’ and if so, who will it disrupt and how?

The Electricity Storage Future Forum 2016 has been designed in conjunction with a panel of industry experts to separate the facts from the hype, identify the real opportunities and address the challenges that storage creates for Australia’s energy markets.
Many see 2016 as a ‘crossroads’ for energy markets, and running from 23 – 25 February in 2016, ESFF is ideally placed to arm you with the information you need to continue your forward planning.

To find out more about the future of energy storage download the Electricity Storage Future Forum 2016 brochure 

Electricity Storage Future Forum 2016