Why attend Power Pricing 2013?

6 key benefits of attending:

1. Analyze the outlook for power prices over the decade
2. Understand where regulatory reforms are likely to go and they impact they will have on various stakeholders in the electricity market
3. Better understand that the changing and complex issues pressuring prices
4. Hear from knowledgeable consumer and business advocates and their views on the current market
5. Learn from industry and thought leaders, all experts in their niche area
6. Rub shoulders with the leaders of Australia’s energy industry

But don’t just take our word for it, hear what speakers are saying about the event:

"Power pricing is crucially important to business, consumers, government and the community as a whole.  The NSW Public Accounts Committee has taken a strong interest in the topic and, as its Chair, I am pleased to be part of this valuable forum.”
Jonathan O’Dea MP, Chairman, NSW Parliament's Public Accounts Committee

“Understanding the dynamics of the electricity industry is very important as prices have increased markedly in recent years. Power Pricing 2013 offers delegates the chance to get insights and information that will allow them to better understand trends and potential future scenarios.”
Tim Nelson, Head of Economics, Policy & Sustainability, AGL Energy

“Energy affordability has always been a difficult issue for many disadvantaged people. But steeply rising prices over the last few years mean that more people are more drastically affected. If we truly value equality and dignity, we must grapple with the need to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community stay connected to this essential service. This conference is an opportunity to grapple with the power pricing issue.”
Edward Santow, Chief Executive Officer, Public Interest Advocacy Centre

“The price of electricity has become a topical debate in the community over recent years.  It is important that the energy industry is better able to inform the public on what the drivers of the price increases are and how customers can be more efficient in their use of energy. Power Pricing 2013 is a good opportunity to do this.”
Trevor James, Chief Executive Officer, Synergy

“Now is the best time for governments to get out of retail price regulation. SA recently decided to deregulate and showed us all how easy this decision could be. Power Pricing 2013 will contribute to the discussion we need to ensure an efficient market.”
Andrew Pittlik, General Manager NSW, ERM Power

“The introduction of time of use pricing presents a challenge for consumers, industry and government. I support the sharing of information across these sectors in order to maximise the benefits for end users – we need everyone working cooperatively together and this is a great opportunity to further those aims.”
Jo Benvenuti, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre

“Power Pricing 2013 will bring together the key stakeholders essential for negotiating a pathway through the challenges surrounding power prices.  If energy retailers cannot do anything further to lessen price impacts,  then smart meter data and the knowledge it provides could be a key to assisting consumers to understand and manage usage.”
James Myatt, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Power and Gas

“The power of pricing 2013 conference provides a timely forum discuss the critical issue energy hardship and affordability”
Gavin Duffy, Policy Director, St Vincent De Paul