Why attend the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2013 conference?

The Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2013 conference will facilitate discussion that will focus on the uncertainties currently present in both the demand and supply side of gas economics. Through attendance participants will better understand the likely future gas environment and thus be able to best strategize and mitigate uncertainty risk.

6 benefits of attending:

  1. Understand better the future policy framework in which the gas market will exist
  2. Gain an insight into the supply outlook and the likely impact of further unconventional resources
  3. Hear forecasts of the future price of gas
  4. Discuss the needs of large industrial users
  5. Discover the prospects for gas-fired generation
  6. Discuss how New South Wales will overcome its supply issues

But don’t just take our word for it, hear what speakers are saying about the event:

“I have chosen to participate because the domestic gas industry is at the centre of two of the biggest changes in fundamental drivers of energy supply and demand that we have seen for many decades. These are climate change and the extraordinary growth prospects for unconventional gas, both CCS and shale gas, in Australia and elsewhere. Life will never be the same!”

Tony Wood, Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute

"The future role of gas in the Australian domestic market will be an important focal point for this conference. The future for gas will be determined fundamentally by how well we manage the market stresses caused by LNG expansion over the next five years."

Paul Balfe, Executive Director, ACIL Tasman

“This conference will bring together the quantitative analysis and the views of key stakeholders to lay out Australia’s options for how we benefit from our gas reserves”

Miles Prosser, Executive Director, Australian Aluminium Council

"The availability of gas for domestic and industrial use is one of the great challenges facing Eastern Australia for the next decade. I am committed to do what I can to help this conference facilitate an innovative solution to this critical problem."

Michael Dureau, Deputy Chairman, The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering

"This symposium will provide an important opportunity to discuss the increasing complexity of the east-coast energy industry and the multiple challenges that it faces. More than ever, we need a coherent set of policy, institutional and market responses."

Hugh Outhred, Professional Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales

“LNG exports present exciting opportunities, but secure and affordable gas supplies are also of critical importance to the domestic economy.  The Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference is perfectly timed, and Ai Group looks forward to a vigorous discussion of how to manage the risks we face and make the most of the gas opportunity.”

Tennant Read, Principal National Advisor Public Policy, Ai Group

"Having worked with Jamie Turmanis from Quest Events for many years, I have confidence in his ability to stage worthwhile conferences on energy issues -- and I am committed to helping to build the communication of understanding of Australia's energy policy, potential and problems at a critical time in the national investment cycle. There is a huge amount of talk in the media about energy issues, but not enough understanding of the underlying pressures and needs."

Keith Orchison, Director, Coolibah Pty Ltd