Day Three - Optional In-depth Learning Sessions

Friday 12 April 2012

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Workshop A | 09:00 – 17:00

Responding to a changing global gas market and understanding its domestic implications

About the workshop:

Both the supply and demand economics of the global gas markets are rapidly changing, and understanding the way in which these will impact the Australian domestic market are crucial for all gas industry stakeholders. This interactive session will review the supply/demand changes being seen in international gas markets now and over the last decade and the concurrent integration of Australian export gas into the international marketplace, giving attendees a better understanding of how to best respond to the changing global and domestic gas landscape.


09:00-17.00 (morning, afternoon teas and lunch provided)

The workshop will be presented in five seventy-five minute sessions as follows:

  • A detailed look at the key global regions for gas supply and how these will change in the next decade
  • An analysis of the global outlook for demand and where Australia fits in to servicing this
  • Understanding what will underpin global gas prices and where prices will go to 2020 and beyond
  • Understanding the domestic implications of being involved in an increasingly integrated market
  • Developing strategies to best operate in the new global market

Who should attend?

• Federal and State departments responsible for energy market policy
• Gas explorers and producers
• Gas transmission, distribution and retailers
• Gas generators
• Non-gas based generators
• Large gas users
• Construction and engineering firms servicing the energy sector
• Bankers and investors in the energy sector
• Sector analysts and energy traders

Your workshop leader:

“Less than 5 years ago, Australia’s energy prices were in the lowest quartile globally, delivering massive national benefits.  This position is being rapidly eroded, impacting our national competitiveness with far reaching consequences. The Australian Domestic Gas Outlook conference is an ideal forum to discuss how gas supply/demand and pricing will affect us all now and into the next decade."

Edwin O’Young, Principal, Port Jackson Partners Limited

Workshop B | 09:00 – 17:00

Understanding the future role of gas and gas wholesale markets in power generation

About the workshop:

With changing policy, investment incentives and input costs, the Australian energy mix will change rapidly over the coming decade. Understanding this and gas’ role in the future energy mix is crucial for gas sector participants. This workshop is aimed at stakeholders from government departments responsible for energy market policy, gas transmitters and distributors, gas generators, non-gas based generators, large gas users, renewable energy providers, associated professional services firms (legal, accounting, consulting), construction and engineering firms servicing the energy sector, bankers and investors in the energy sector and sector analysts and energy traders.

Practical and interactive, this high value session will deliver participants with a better understanding of the energy mix to 2020 and beyond with a focus on the changing role of gas.


09:00     Scenario planning
• What are the various political scenarios that could play out to 2020?
• What are the implications of varying policies and policy uncertainty for the domestic gas market?
• How can you work the various scenarios into your planning?

10:00     Outlook for the Australian generation sector
• A detailed look at Solar PV and its implications for gas
• Understanding the changing energy mix to 2020 and beyond

10:30     Morning tea

11:00     Outlook for the Australian generation sector cont’d…
• Which generation sources are going to be developed beyond 2020?

11:30     Carbon markets and their implication for Australia’s gas outlook
• Understanding the role carbon markets play specific to gas in the energy mix
• What are the implications of specific carbon prices on the viability of gas for generation in Australia?
• What are the implications of losing the carbon price completely?

12:30     Lunch

13:30     Achieving a competitive and resilient power economy
• Which policies need to be implemented to ensure the resilience of Australia’s energy future?
• What infrastructure still needs to be built?

14:30     Options for base load and peaking generation
• What is the outlook for both base load and peaking needs?
• What are the implications of new storage technology?
• Where does gas fit in both the base load and peak outlook?
• How does cogeneration impact on gas’ viability?

15:00     Afternoon tea

15:30     Options for base load and peaking generation cont’d…
• Where does gas fit in both the base load and peak outlook?
• How does cogeneration impact on gas’ viability?

16:00     Understanding gas markets and their implications for generation
• What is happening in global gas markets and how will these trends impact Australia domestically?
• What are the impacts of Australia’s burgeoning LNG export capacity for Australia’s domestic gas markets?
• How can we expect to see the gas market evolve in Australia to 2020 and how will this impact generators?

17:00     End of workshop

Your workshop leader:

"The World faces a perfect storm in managing the dual risks of energy security and climate change.  Gas is forecast to provide a medium term solution for lower emissions power generation but how effectively gas meets this challenge depends very much on both global markets and domestic policy. This workshop will explore these issues and offer delegates crucial insight into the impact of policies and gas markets on the uncertainties facing our electricity sector."
Prof. Chris Greig, Energy Initiative Director, University of Queensland

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