Conference Day One

Wednesday 10 April 2013

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08:15    Registration and welcome coffee

08:50    Opening remarks and welcome address from the Chair

Keith Orchison, Director, Coolibah Pty Ltd


09:00    The Australian Gas Market - a vertically integrated energy company’s perspective

  • What does the domestic gas market look like today?
  • What would internationalisation of the gas price mean for the domestic market?
  • Are we seeing the uptake of gas generation investment anticipated under the Clean Energy Future policy?
  • What does the generation investment landscape look like out to 2020?
  • What can end use customers expect?

Michael Fraser, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, AGL Energy

09:30     The role of gas in Australia’s energy future

  • Discussing the increasing role of gas in Australia’s energy supply chain
  • What are the likely developments in coming years?
  • The need for sound gas market policy settings in the period ahead

Frank Calabria, Chief Executive Officer Energy Markets, Origin Energy

“It’s impossible to go to renewables tomorrow, so we need a sensible discussion”
James Baulderstone, Vice President Eastern Australia, Santos
Australian Financial Review, 29 November 2012

10:00   The gas outlook for Eastern Australia

  • What is the potential of natural gas reserves in Eastern Australia to meet both domestic and export demand?
  • What do changing gas demand and supply dynamics mean for the Eastern Australian gas market?
  • How can NSW meet its gas requirements to 2020 and what specific challenges need to be overcome?

James Baulderstone, Vice President Eastern Australia, Santos

10:30 Morning Tea


10:50     Gas in the global energy context — past, present and future

  • Recent history: Gas as the fuel of choice in the power sector
  • The growing importance of China as a gas market
  • Are we entering a golden age of gas?
  • The longer term outlook for gas use, and global gas trade
  • A final word on OECD gas markets  
  • Australia’s place in these markets

Ian Cronshaw, International Energy Consultant, Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (BREE)

"Today’s woes in the manufacturing sector have many causes – These are not going to be resolved by throwing a spanner in the wheel of LNG development”
David Byers, Chief Executive Officer, APPEA
The Australian, 28 November 2012

11:20     Australian domestic gas outlook within a global context

David Byers, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA)

11:50     The big picture – gas supply, demand and price through to 2030

  • Where will Australia’s gas come from to 2030?
  • Understanding the changing landscape of domestic gas demand to 2030 with a focus on falling demand growth in manufacturing and the expanding role of gas in generation
  • Forecasting the domestic gas price to 2030 with a key focus on global demand/supply impacts

Paul Balfe, Executive Director, ACIL Tasman

12:20     Lunch


13:10     Internationalisation of gas prices and its domestic consequences                                                                                 

  • What are the prospects for domestic gas price spikes?
  • Will there be enough gas for domestic needs?
  • How can we ensure the domestic settings are right to attract supply investment?
  • How much does a carbon price matter?
  • What are international price implications for the domestic market?


Keith Orchison, Director, Coolibah Pty Ltd


David Byers, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA)

Paul Balfe, Executive Director, ACIL Tasman

Edwin O’Young, Principal, Port Jackson Partners

David Leitch, Head of Utilities Research, UBS Investment Bank


13:50     Senex Energy's outlook for Australian gas

  • What potential exists for unconventional gas to meet domestic demand?
  • What is the outlook for the Cooper Basin and unconventional gas?
  • How are changing gas supply dynamics impacting Australia's energy industry what are the implications for large scale unconventional gas projects?

James Crowley, General Manager Exploration,  Senex Energy

14:15     The potential of Australia’s shale gas deposits

  • What is the production potential of Australia’s vast shale gas reserves?
  • In what time frame and in what capacity will shale gas enter the market?
  • Determining the impact of this additional supply on domestic gas supply/demand

Richard Holliday, Commercial Manager, Icon Energy

14:40     A Cooper Basin gas project uniquely positioned to supply the domestic market from 2015

  • “Unconventional gas” = gas production direct from the source  - what are the main source rocks in the Cooper Basin?
  • What makes Strike’s Southern Cooper Basin coal seam gas resource project so unique?
  • How will the resource be developed to meet uncontracted domestic gas market demand from 2015?

David Wrench, Managing Director, Strike Energy

15:10     Afternoon Tea


15:30     The pipelines – what is the infrastructure outlook?

  • What are the key challenges facing pipeline investors?
  • What is the likely shape of the gas grid in 2020 and 2030?
  • How can we overcome approval process problems to promote adequate investment?

Ross Gersbach, Chief Executive Strategy and Development, APA Group

16:00     Resolving issues surrounding further gas development

  • A look at key environmental and land use concerns
  • How to best resolve conflict between interest groups to secure the best interest of the wider economy
  • An analysis of successful negotiations and how they can be used as a base case

Duncan Fraser, Vice President, National Farmers Federation


16:30     Addressing short term gas supply issues in NSW

  • Is NSW facing a mid-decade energy crisis because of a lack of gas?
  • Can the State’s gas needs be sourced outside the state or does supply need to be local?
  • How can we ensure adequate investment in NSW supply projects?
  • What are the key concerns that need to be addressed in developing this supply?
  • How can we help NSW gas customers avoid price shocks?


Keith Orchison, Director, Coolibah Pty Ltd


Mike Moraza, Group General Manager Upstream Gas, AGL Energy

Robbert de Weijer, CEO of Australia, Dart Energy

Kieran Donoghue, General Manager Policy, Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) 

Steve Davies, Policy Advisor, Australian Pipeline Industry Association (APIA)

17:10    Chairman’s closing remarks and networking drinks

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