Conference Day Two

Conference Day Two

5 April 2019

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08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair

Naomi Knight, Alchemist & Strategist, Naomi Knight Australia


09:00    Keynote address: It’s ok to be different

  • Who is disabled – you or I?
  • We are shaped by our own skills and experiences
  • We can challenge our own perceptions
  • We can learn new things from diversity

Rebecca Adam, Branch Manager, Enterprise Change, National Disability Insurance Agency

09:30     Panel discussion: Human centred design and its potential applications in promoting D&I in the workforce

Human centred design capabilities are growing throughout government in Australia with the recognition that placing people at the heart of building solutions and services, creates more positive user experiences. This interactive session will explore how this design process can also be applied to creating working environments that more healthily and inclusively satisfy the needs of an increasingly diverse public sector workforce and the positive effects of including all employees as important stakeholders in the designing process.


Naomi Knight, Alchemist & Strategist, Naomi Knight Australia


Kin Ly, Human Centred Designer & Maker, AbilityMade

Aimee Reeves, Senior Project Lead | BizLab, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

10:15     Morning tea

10:45    Interactive workshop: Empathy and understanding of the intersectionality of disadvantage and privilege. Where do we each fit in the broader picture of diversity and inclusion in government?

This interactive workshop will support participants in the process of exploring their own intersectional privileges and disadvantages. Through creating a map of the bigger systemic picture and locating yourself on that map, this session will personalise your understanding and assist with building greater empathy and relationships with others. Naomi will also explore how organisations might build upon processes like this as ongoing conversations that evolve over time.

Naomi Knight, Alchemist & Strategist, Naomi Knight Australia


11:45     Flexible work – exploring how new ways of working can support diversity and inclusion

  • Facilitating a more agile working environment and managing the operational, behavioural and performance based challenges
  • Examining flexible working options – hours of work, patterns of work, places of work.
  • Exploring how flexible ways of working can help public sector organisations to better support diversity and inclusion
  • How can technology help?

Elizabeth McPherson, Chief Culture Officer, futurefund

12:15     Quick Fire Technology Showcase: Exploring how technology can support diversity and inclusion in the government workforce

This fast paced showcase will highlight the latest technologies supporting diversity and inclusion and applications for the government workforce. Technologies under the microscope during this series of presentations have all been released to the market within the last 12 months and represent the most promising new advances supporting D&I initiatives worldwide

If you would like to present your technology solution to our audience, please contact the organiser. Limited spaces available and subject to content approval

12:45     Networking lunch


13:45     Diversity and Inclusion Case Study Showcase

A fast paced series of case studies of social inclusion and equity initiatives from government D&I leaders and best practice examples from a broad range of sectors.  Successes, failures and lessons learned will all be explored in a spirit of openness and non-judgement. Attendance to these sessions will be strictly by Chatham House Rules.  No media reporting will be permitted. Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed to anyone not present at the conference.  In short: what happens at Government D&I 2019 stays at Government D&I 2019 for this session!

Queensland public sector’s LGBTIQ+ inclusion strategy
Allana Bianchi, Manager, Workforce Futures and Inclusion, Public Service Commission, Queensland

The Queensland Utilities Diversity and Inclusion Journey
Yvonne Lewandowski, Diversity, Inclusion and Development Lead, Queensland Urban Utilities

Democratising diversity
Ric Ardo, Demand Management Improvement Manager and Diversity and Inclusion Council Member, Energy Queensland

Improving indigenous cultural responsiveness in government
Lisa Conway,
Assistant Director / Senior Social Worker, Department of Human Services

15:15 Afternoon refreshments and networking break


15:45    Designing and delivering training on diversity and inclusion that really works

Diversity and inclusion training is supposed to help make people more sensitive to the people they work with, to enhance social inclusion and help businesses make the most of the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Instead, evidence suggests that a lot of diversity and inclusion training models are not only unsuccessful but can lead to worse outcomes for diverse workers.  Instead of seeing the benefits of a diverse workforce some employees have felt moved to avoid the issue or resented D&I programs as unfair “special treatment”.  This session will explore strategies for designing and delivering D&I training that really works and delivers strong benefits to your organisation.

Speaker TBD – if you would like to speak on this topic, please contact

16:15     Measuring and reporting on your organisation’s diversity, inclusion and human rights performance

  • Determining if your diversity initiative is accomplishing its objectives
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the diversity initiative
  • Determining the cost/benefit ratio of the diversity initiative
  • Identifying who benefits the most and least from the diversity initiative
  • Gathering data to assist in pursuing future initiatives

Speaker TBC – if you would like to speak on this topic, please contact

16:45    Closing remarks from the Chair and end of Conference

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