Conference Day Two

Conference Day Two

23 May 2019

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08:30      Registration and welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair
Robert Hawkins, AuthorHumans Are Not Robots: The Fundamentals of Work Flexibility


09:00     Opening keynote speaker – Building community, curating experience and the future of work

  • Understanding the importance of creating a flexible and agile workplace
  • The key to building community and collaboration
  • How design, technology and programming can help build a team culture
  • The importance of culture as a way to attract and retain talent

Georgia FoleyDirector of CommunityWeWork

09:30     Managing teams with different flexible working arrangements

  • How to be a successful manager while working flexibly
  • Understanding the challenges of managing a flexible working team
  • Emphasizing the need to be open and transparent in managing different flexible working arrangements
  • Managing multiple arrangements with planning

Michelle Elvy, Head of Integrated Operations, BHP

10:00     Building trust and communication to manage a remote team

  • Shaping a communication routine using technology
  • Establishing clear deadlines and monitoring progress
  • Assessing what strategy will work within the team and individuals

Emma Heuston, Principal, The Remote Expert

10:30    Morning tea break

11:00     Case study – Five-year perspective on Telstra’s All Roles Flex programme 

  • How to implement and maintain a flexible and agile programme
  • Highlighting the effect of the programme on staff engagement and motivation
  • Creating a culture of trust between managers and employees
  • How technology can be used to support flexible and agile working

Alicia Mathews, Senior Specialist, Talent and Organisational Effectiveness,Telstra

11:30     Making breaks truly refreshing

Hayley Windsor, Business Transformation and Optimisation Lead

11:50     Thinking outside cities – geographical diversity in business

  • Understanding remote working - the enabling technology available and busting myths that give remote work a bad reputation
  • How remote work is mobilising skills and experience from an untapped resource of talent in the regions
  • Highlighting the importance and advantages that come with geographical diversity in businesses
Jo PalmerFounder, Pointer Remote Roles  
Timothy Harvey, General Manager Business Development, Risk and Operations, Regional and Agribusiness Banking, Commonwealth Bank

12:20     Networking Lunch


13:20     Understanding which emerging technologies will impact flexible and agile working

  • How technology will change the way we work by making us more flexible and agile
  • Identifying the technologies that will impact the current work structure the most
  • Blockchain, sensors, IoT, AI, AR and VR – their role in supporting flexible and agile working

Carolyn Trickett, Head of Business Technology, JLL

13:50     Explaining the boom of co-working spaces in Australia

  • Stating the current trend of the Australian co-working market
  • Understanding what makes co-working spaces so appealing, not only for start-ups but also for established companies
  • Discussing the future of co-working spaces in Australia

John Preece, Chief Property Officer, Hub Australia

14:20     One for all, and all for one – what does job-sharing look like in practice?

  • Understanding the practicalities of job-sharing
  • Getting an employees’ perspective on the challenges and opportunities of job-sharing
  • How to make a job-sharing situation work

Rowena Falzon, Ways of Working Principal, Telstra
Alex Crammond, Ways of Working Principal, Telstra

14:50     Afternoon Tea


Choose 3 sessions from 11 facilitated by experts in the flexible and agile working arena

1st round – 15:20 – 15:50

Choice 1Open Discussion – How do we need to think and act differently to bring about a future where flexible and agile working is a strategy not a response?

Yasmin GrigaliunasCEO & Co-founder, World's Biggest Garage Sale
Sally Dorsett,  Executive Director, People and Organisational Development, Synergy
David Schmidtchen, Executive Director, People and Organisational Development, Synergy

Choice 2 - Panel discussion - What are the key considerations when implementing flexible and agile working?
Helena Kuo, Executive Director, En Masse
Victoria Stuart, Co-founder, Beam Australia
Louise Weine, National Director, National Association of Women in Operations
Choice 3 - Open discussion – Effects of flexible working on superannuation
Zoe Lamont, Co-Founder & Head of Verve Academy, Verve Super
Christina Hobbs, Co-founder and CEO, Verve Super
Choice 4 - Mini-workshop part 1 - Applying human-centered design to flexible and agile working
James Dellow, Director, Digital Workplace Company

15:50 - Power break

2nd round – 16:05 – 16:35

Choice 1 - Open discussion - Legal aspects of flexible and agile working
Emma Heuston, Principal, The Remote Expert 
Choice 2 - Panel discussion - What are the different technologies managers should adopt when implementing flexible and agile working?
Jo Palmer, Founder, Pointer Remote Roles
Maja Paleka, Director & Co-Founder, Juggle Strategies
Dian Tjondronegoro, Professor, Southern Cross University
Rebecca SebastianCo-Founder , Juggle Strategies

Choice 3 - Panel discussion - What are the different ways of building connectivity and creating a positive organizational culture within an agile and flexible team?
Kate Kesby, Co-founder and Director, Juggle Strategies
Llewella Jago, Co-Founder, Rowdy Digital
Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO & Co-Founder, World's Biggest Garage Sale
Choice 4 - Mini-workshop part 2 - Applying human-centered design to flexible and agile working
James Dellow, Director, Digital Workplace Company

16:35 - Power break

3rd Round - 16:50 - 17:20

Choice 1 - Open discussion – How to overcome managers’ resistance
Robert Hawkins, Author, Humans Are Not Robots: The Fundamentals of Work Flexibility
Choice 2 - Open discussion – Establishing communication beyond the conventional
Maja Paleka, Director & Co-Founder, Juggle Strategies
Choice 3 - Open discussion - Discovering creative ways to implement innovative flexible working arrangements
Stephanie ReussCo-founderBeam Australia

17:20      Closing remarks from the Chair

17:30     End of Day Two and close of conference

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