Supporting bodies at Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2014 Conference Sydney

The Australian Aluminium Council is the peak body representing the aluminium industry in Australia.
The Council's members include companies operating in bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium metal production, semi-fabricated aluminium production and distribution.

The Energy Retailers Association of Australia (ERAA) works with its members to promote and support the interests of the Australian electricity and natural gas industry. The ERAA represents the organisations who provide electricity and gas to almost 10 million Australian households and businesses. As the peak body for Australia’s retail energy industry, the ERAA lobbies governments to make sure there is a progressive policy platform to help retailers meet customers’ needs. Our member organisations are mostly privately owned, vary in size and operate in all areas within the national electricity market (NEM). Members want to provide Australians with value for money and reliable energy supply. In an environment of rising prices, we support energy market reform which promotes competition and ultimately give consumers more choice

Empowering Energy Users!

The Energy Users Association of Australia (EUAA) was formed in 1996 to provide a single national association to effectively represent and service the needs of Australian energy users. We exist to  assist our members run efficient and profitable businesses as they relate to their energy use. There is no other organisation in Australia with the credentials of EUAA to represent the needs of energy users in our rapidly evolving and volatile energy markets. EUAA operates to support its members, helping them to achieve their energy objectives through a range of services that focus on key areas of Advocacy, Communication, Networking and Service.

Gas Energy Australia is the national peak body which represents the bulk of the downstream alternative gaseous fuels industry which covers Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).
The industry comprises major companies and small to medium businesses in the alternative gaseous fuels supply chain – refiners, fuel marketers, vehicle and equipment manufacturers, vehicle converters, consultants and other providers of services to the industry.
The Association’s mission is to optimise the value and benefits of gaseous fuels for the benefit of Australia’s national interest – to achieve energy security and economic prosperity in a lower carbon economy, and the Australian community in providing access to affordable energy.
The Association focuses on advocating the value and benefits of the fuels through engagement with the federal government, state authorities and the community. The engagement and advocacy profile is supported by progressive policy development based on sound research, analysis and expert commentary, and the on-going development of; national standards, workplace safety, innovative products and technology, proactive media and communications, and the development of the Industry’s specialist workforce.

The voice of the Business of Chemistry in Australia - PACIA the pre-eminent national body representing Australia’s $33.6bn chemistry industry, whose sectors directly employ 83,000 people and contribute approximately 10% of total Australian manufacturing. Our members comprise a broad range of companies positioned across the entire value chain and the tremendous breadth of the Association’s coverage is recognised as a competitive advantage. Companies include chemicals manufacturers, importers and distributors, logistics and supply chain partners, raw material suppliers, plastics fabricators and compounders, chemicals and plastics recyclers and service providers to the industry. These businesses range from small family-owned companies and innovative medium-sized enterprises, to leading national and multinational enterprises.

ProjectConnect is an online service designed to list project opportunities and to connect Australian businesses together to find industry suppliers or identify new business opportunities.

ProjectConnect allows businesses of all sizes to become involved in major project work, from prime contractors to small subcontractors. By publishing contact details of companies that have been awarded work on projects, we enable all businesses to build new relationships and networks throughout industry.

ProjectConnect is free, so there is no charge for businesses to create a company profile, register interest in project opportunities and access contact information of contract winners. If you want access to some advanced tools to make your life easier, there is a subscription charge to be paid. However, all information on the system is free of charge.