Conference Day One – Wednesday 26 February

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 8:30     Welcome coffee

8:50     Opening address from the Chair

Keith Orchison, Director, Coolibah Consulting


9:00 Ministerial address

The Hon. Anthony Roberts, Minister for Resources and Energy, New South Wales Government

9:20      Global gas supply/demand dynamics and how this will impact
            Australian domestic markets

  • Global gas price forecast
  • Supply dynamics: the state of play in global gas supply and the impact of new sources of
  • Supply on pricing forecasts
  • Demand dynamics: the emerging role of gas in power generation relative to traditional fuels and renewables
  • How the global pricing outlook will impact Australian domestic markets

Ian Cronshaw, Consultant to the Office of the Chief Economist, International Energy Agency

International keynote
9:50      United States domestic gas policy, export outlook and implications for

  • Overview of U.S. Government gas markets policy and the impact on domestic energy markets
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to having and interventionist energy security policy?
  • Outlook for LNG export from the United States and the implications for domestic energy markets
  • What lessons can Australian energy policy makers learn from the U.S. experience?

Randa Fahmy Hudome, former Associate Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy (DoE), USA

International keynote
10:20      Outlook for Japanese LNG demand, de-linking gas from oil prices and
            investment in Australian projects

  • An overview of Japanese energy policy and supply diversification strategy
  • Will Japanese buyers be able to access gas contracts that are de-linked from oil prices?
  • What is the appetite from Japanese gas buyers to invest in Australian projects?

Takashi Yoshida, Director General - Research & Analysis DepartmentJapan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation

10:50 Morning tea


11:20      Australia’s domestic gas market outlook from the perspective of a
              major producer

  • Outlook for the role of gas as a component of the broader energy mix in Australia
  • Balancing the LNG export opportunity with reliable domestic supply
  • Potential supply solutions centered on increased storage and production capacity

Kerrie-Anne Lanigan, Gas and Power Marketing Director, ExxonMobil Australia

APPEA keynote presentation
11:50      Our natural advantage: Australian domestic gas outlook within a
              global context

David Byers
Chief Executive
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association

Panel discussion
12:20      Outlining the most critical issues for domestic gas stakeholders in 2014

  • Our natural advantage: Australian domestic gas outlook within a global context

Phillip Barresi, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Users Association of Australia
Peter Bury, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Plastics and Chemicals Industry Association
David Byers, Chief Executive, Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association

Cheryl Cartwright, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Pipeline Industry Association
Ben Eade, Executive Director, Manufacturing Australia
Matthew Warren, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Supply Association of Australia

13:00      Domestic retail gas price outlook

  • Domestic gas price forecast for retailer consumers
  • How will looming gas price increases impact wholesale and retail costs
  • How are regulatory changes likely to impact gas prices?
  • What industry and policy changes are likely to enable gas price stabilisation?

Cameron O’ReillyChief Executive Officer, Energy Retailers Association of Australia

13:30      Networking lunch


Ministerial address
14:30      Developing and sustaining a secure domestic gas market in Western

  • Outlining policies that will deliver on the commitment to provide energy security and increase investment in gas development in WA
  • Analysing whether the gas reservation policy has achieved its objectives
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities in developing new unconventional gas resources

The Hon. Dr. Mike Nahan MLA, Minister for Energy, Government of Western Australia

14:50     Gas market reform to benefit Australia’s gas stakeholders

  • Explaining the challenges faced by users in accessing competitively priced gas within the current gas market structure
  • How can more transparent and liquid markets encourage investment in new gas development?
  • Outlining the benefits to stakeholders that will come from an improved gas market structure

Mark Collette, Group Executive Manager - Energy Markets, EnergyAustralia

15:20     Evaluating the effectiveness of government initiatives and intervention
             policies in emerging unconventional gas markets

  • Shale gas prospects in Australia – learning lessons from the U.S. experience
  • Managing natural gas resources – LNG vs domestic consumption
  • Comparing global best practice community engagement and environmental regulation with Australian policies
  • What is the potential for targeted government initiatives to mitigate market failure risks?

Prof. Stefaan Simons, Director - International Energy Policy Institute, UCL School of Energy and Resources

15:50      Afternoon tea


16:20      Spotlight on IMOWA’s Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) and implications for a
              more transparent and liquid future for domestic gas markets

  • How a transparent market can aid in increasing gas supplier numbers and the quantity of supply
  • Achievements and experiences so far from the GBB and the Gas Statement of Opportunities (GSOO)
  • Recommendations for future improvements to the GBB and suggestions on how a similar system might improve east coast gas markets

Allan DawsonChief Executive OfficerIndependent Market Operator WA

16:50      Developing a gas supply hub to enhance gas markets and facilitate
              new supply

  • Outlook and timeframe for the development of a gas supply hub at Wallumbilla
  • Challenges to developing the hub and creating new trading mechanisms for gas markets
  • Evolution of the gas supply hub, capacity trading and gas markets generally
  • Enabling increased supply from the Cooper Basin and impacts on domestic users and export projects

Peter GeersGeneral Manager Business Strategy, Australian Energy Market Operator

Panel discussion
17:20      How to create a more liquid and transparent market for domestic gas

  • Factors inhibiting development of liquid financial markets (for gas) and how these may be addressed
  • Strategies and suggestions to improve Australia’s wholesale and retail gas markets
  • How do traditional long-term contracting arrangements for wholesale gas have to evolve to meet coming pricing shocks and a highly uncertain future price outlook?
  • Can domestic gas markets be forced to take on a spot price ‘overnight’?

Keith Orchison
, Director, Coolibah Consulting

Dr. Olumide Adisa, Gas Systems Modeller, Energy Exemplar
Simon Camroux,
Manager Regulation and Market Development, AGL Energy
Allan Dawson, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Market Operator WA
Peter Geers, General Manager Business Strategy, Australian Energy Market Operator

Rob Wheals, Group Executive – Transmission, APA Group

18:00      Closing remarks form the Chair

18:10      Networking drinks

19:00      Official event dinner

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