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24 October 2018

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Registration and morning coffee for both sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. Choose between:

In-depth Learning Session A:

Building leadership capabilities to advance your career

This one day workshop will have you dive deep into some universal human behaviours to help you to understand why we do the things we do. Not only will you have a better understanding of yourself and the key to making more resourceful choices, you will also begin to understand and appreciate why others do as they do, and how you can play a bigger part as a successful influencer and leader.

Layering on that throughout the afternoon, the session will look at the evolution of self and the different levels of thinking displayed and required at each stage. There will be some in-depth conversation around how this plays out in different working environments and again how understanding these models and human behaviours can completely change how you think, act and engage with those around you.

Those in attendance will be leaders and up and coming managers from all industries across Australia’s tech sector.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Understand the leadership spectrum and the styles most suited for success in 2019 and beyond
  • Discuss ways of celebrating today’s unique leadership challenges such as remote contributors and new generational expectations
  • Find your existing strengths and values as a leader, as well as your challenges
  • Develop competencies to lead an outstanding tech team
  • Empower your creativity, trust your intuition and grow your confidence to become an adaptive and transformational leader
  • Explore the power of inspiration and influence instead of control and command for even better results


Tracey Smith
Health and Wellness Consultant
Energise You



In-depth Learning Session B:

Implementing highly effective security programs to help prevent cyber attacks

The ability to assess your organisation’s risks and your skills to prepare and respond to attacks is crucial to the successful implementation of a cyber security program. As
a cyber security leader, you want to ensure you utilise threat intelligence to influence your organisation’s strategies.

This value-packed learning session is designed for cyber security and threat intelligence leaders, technology leaders, incident response and risk, and compliance leaders to get a deep understanding of how to stay ahead of evolving threads.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Find out new industry approaches to threat detection and incident investigation
  • Discover how to enable threat intelligence and prevent attacks
  • Learn how to leverage an intelligence-led approach to cyber security operations
  • Establish threat intelligence to your organisation’s security strategy
  • Maximise the potential of threat intelligence platforms to protect your organisation
  • Develop plans to operationalise cyber threat intelligence

Morning session:

Topic - How to get started in the Security Journey 


Ryan Ettridge, Partner, PwC

Afternoon session:

Topic - How to get started in the Privacy Journey


Claudia Warwar
Digital Trust and Cyber Security Director

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