The Event

This is a very exciting time in procurement where global trends show CPOs are reshaping their roles in the C-suite. The modern procurement division has a direct impact on the growth of their companies that goes beyond cost control to become a part of the whole organisational innovation and digital transformation processes.

With a considerable number of women CPOs and many more in leadership roles in procurement across sectors in Australia, this event is the premier opportunity for procurement professionals to up-skill themselves and gain a comprehensive overview of the latest trends from the best practitioners in procurement and supply chain management.

The Women in Procurement conference is establishing itself as the annual meeting for procurement and supply chain managers to advance careers and benchmark their organisations progress in industry practices. Now in its 3rd year the event is building a loyal following within the industry and becoming well known for its high calibre of speakers and timely and relevant content.

Following the success of previous years, the 3rd annual Women in Procurement 2017 conference will once again be a platform for all procurement stakeholders to get inspired and build the foundations for better outcomes for their teams and personal careers.

What’s new for the 3rd annual Women in Procurement conference?

  • New case studies – learn from leading examples of effective leadership, including winners from the 2016 CIPSA Awards
  • More interaction – engage more with your peers with new roundtables, think tank and speed networking session
  • Learn how to embrace digital disruption, emerging technologies and procurement automation
  • Benchmark your own organisation’s progress on procurement excellence with organisations from across the Asia Pacific


Why attend

  • Find inspiration to lead an outstanding procurement team from Australia’s leading PSCM executives
  • Learn how to deliver more value to your organisation through strategic procurement
  • Assess global trends in procurement – and how they will impact you
  • Examine how to put the customer at the heart of your procurement strategies
  • Assess how ethical procurement, sustainability and corporate responsibility can help your organisation achieve better outcomes
  • Discover how much value data insights and data analytics can give to procurement
  • Identify how to improve organisational results by engaging procurement to take part in digital transformation strategies


Addressing the key challenges for women in procurement today:

  • Digital transformation in procurement and supply chain
  • Implementing practical sustainable policies within procurement – finding the balance between sustainable & risk & savings
  • Investing in diversity and disability is a corporate responsibility and competitive advantage strategy
  • Overcoming back of office problems – how to understand the value that procurement can bring to external customers
  • What is it that procurement can do to impact stakeholders and customers
  • Procurement branding – how to get more people to want to work in procurement
  • Moving beyond bureaucracy and delivering self-service and improving customer relationships
  • Having your customer at the centre of your procurement strategies
  • Building a strong team by developing their skills and capabilities


Who will attend?

Decision makers and buyers of your products, services or solutions as well as senior and emerging leaders seeking to build their careers, strengthen their procurement and supply chain teams, and with an interest in developing more robust, productive and cost efficient practices and processes.

Women in Procurement 2017 will be attended by senior decision makers in procurement and supply chain including:

  • Chief Procurement Officers
  • Heads of Procurement and General Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Category Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Vendor Management
  • Buyers
  • Analysts
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Managers
  • Commercial and Business Development Managers
  • Associated Professional Services Firms
  • Product, Solution and Service Providers


Women in Procurement 2016 delegate information: 

The 3rd annual Women in Procurement 2017 conference brings together partners, prospects and customers to explore technology, products and services that drive efficient and sustainable systems for their organisations. By participating in this conference you'll be face to face with a large pool of prospects and customers eager to discuss your procurement solutions.

Call Bill Gatsis on +61 (0)2 8488 9948 or e-mail to discuss how we can put you in front of a highly engaged and receptive audience.

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Women in Procurement 2017