The Event

After an acclaimed launch in 2018, Waste Strategy Summit returns in 2019 to build on the discussion and the advances in learnings and technology over the last year.

The summit presents waste management in its entire complexity following the waste hierarchy, with diverse keynote presentations and case studies illustrating how to prevent, recycle and recover the most common waste with a strong focus on policies and regulations.

The event is expertly designed for executives working within waste management, recycling, resource recovery and environment sustainability departments from across all sectors in Australia, who are looking to improve their waste management operations.

In 2018, the event gathered over 110 people from the public and private sectors to discuss strategic planning and innovative ideas. Here’s what they said:

“Holistic content and a good indicator of where Australia stands on its journey towards a more sustainable future” – Adam Carr, Head of CSEC, Seven Miles

“Very informative and inspiring” – Tegan Yasserie, Environmental Scientist, Sutherland Shire Council

“Excellent” – Simon Kisch, Land and Logistics Manager, Quadrant Energy

Simply put - Waste Strategy Summit 2019 is your best opportunity to hear from industry leaders and engage in a high-level discussion that will help you transform your operations, reduce cost and improve outcomes.

Waste Strategy Summit is also one of the few events in Australia to practice what it preaches with its Zero-Waste Objective throughout the production process as well as during the 3-days of the event.

Key themes:

• Waste management in Australia from a regulatory eye
• Understanding the importance of implementing realistic waste management strategies in everyday practices
• The future of waste management
• The importance of collaboration
• Outside the box recycling and resource recovery strategies
• Practical tips for waste presentation and reductions
• Extreme waste management in action – case studies

Who will attend?


Why attend?

Review new industry approaches to waste and sustainability strategies

Explore how leading organisations are applying alternative approaches to decrease and manage their waste
Acquire new concepts from multiple industries and see how they can help you achieve excellence in waste management
Discover new ways to conduct waste practices and overcome challenges of new regulations and environmental pressures
Promote waste and sustainable excellence in your organisation through improved business partnership and innovation
Learn how to bridge the gap between the need for business expansion and the growing issue of waste
Evaluate your waste management plan for increasing efficiency, whilst saving costs

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Waste Strategy Summit 2019