Conference Day Two

Conference Day Two

27 June 2019

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08:30     Registration and welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair

Yasmin GrigaliunasCEO & Co-FounderThe World's Biggest Garage Sale


09:00    International presentation: Waste management in the middle of the ocean

  • Discovering the secrete of waste management on cruise ships
  • Understanding processing equipment and technology used on board
  • Implementing strategies to reduce waste and facilitate recycling initiatives

Natalie Vecchione, Environmental Manager, Carnival Cruise Line

09:30     Creating sustainable precincts solution in urban development

  • Understanding City of Sydney’s current waste management strategy
  • Service changes to improve resource recovery from urban development
  • Case study – Exploring precinct based solutions including Central Park food waste collection feasibility study

Gemma Dawson, Manager Waste Strategy, City of Sydney

10:00     Managing waste across the manufacturing, production and distribution supply chain

  • Reducing waste in supply chain and manufacturing 
  • Implementing a long-term successful waste management strategy into everyday business practices
  • Getting cross department employees genuinely engaged with the waste management strategy
  • Discovering innovative thinking and technology to support waste management

Kate RingvallCountry Manager Sustainability RetailIkea

10:30     Morning break


11:00     Keynote case study: Qantas Group’s waste reduction program, a major environmental push

  • How Qantas is targeting 75% cut in waste to landfill
  • Discovering the different strategies to reduce waste on board
  • Identifying the tools needed to reuse, recycle and compost as much as possible
  • Monitoring the waste reduction program and overcoming challenges

Helen Pinch, Sustainability Manager, Sustainability and Industry Affairs, Government, Industry, International and Sustainability, Qantas Airways

11:30     Case study: Diverting up to 84% of waste from landfill in a major tourist attraction

  • How Taronga is targeting a 90% diversion from landfill by 2020
  • Implementing innovative waste management and resource recovery initiatives to meet complex requirements
  • Changing business as usual by collaborating with partners and suppliers
  • Learning practical measures to improve waste management practices in a highly operational, multicultural and public facing environment

Anne Karin KehlhoferManager Environmental SustainabilityTaronga Conservation Society Australia

12:00     Understanding and managing legacy landfill waste 

  • Identifying landfill legacy waste
  • Risk and long-term repercussions
  • Natural Sustainable Landfill Leachate Treatment Systems – could this be the way of the future?
  • Planning and future proofing for beneficial reuse - a focus on Sydney Olympic Park

Julie CurreySenior Manager Environmental InfrastructureSydney Olympic Park Authority

12:30     Networking lunch


13:30    Assessing how emerging technologies can enable savings, improve operations and reduce environmental impact

  • Identifying which technology can impact on waste management 
  • Digitising the supply chain ecosystem with IoT and emerging technologies to improve waste traceability
  • How GPS data can support waste management
  • Highlighting the challenges when implementing emerging technologies into waste management practices

Speaker to be announced

14:00     Getting serious about e-waste – innovative new e-waste solutions

  • Discovering the world-first e-waste microfactory launched at UNSW
  • Recovering valuable metals from e-waste – identifying the metals and discussing the quantity
  • Transforming e-waste into value-added substances and products to meet existing and new industry and consumer demands
  • Discussing the future of the e-waste microfactory in Australia

Veena SahajwallaARC Laureate Professor & Director, SMaRT CentreUniversity of New South Wales

14:30    Afternoon tea break


15:00    Case study: GPT steps up war on disposable coffee cups

  • Understanding the GPT innovative project targeting reusable coffee cups
  • Discovering the big numbers behind the project
  • Highlighting the challenges when implementing the project
  • Discussing the results 

Belinda Chellingworth, Resource Recovery, The GPT Group

15:30    The state of circular economy in Australia

  • Defining circular economy and framing it into waste management
  • Understanding federal and state policy impacting on circular economy
  • Discovering the research and findings of the Institute of Sustainable Future (ISF)
  • Emphasising the importance of collaboration in systemic change

Nick Florin, Research Director, Institute for Sustainable FuturesUniversity of Technology Sydney

16:00    Understanding behaviour change program design and evaluation

  • Discussing people’s behaviour towards waste prevention campaigns
  • Shifting the approach and improving the effectiveness of waste management
  • Discovering how to influence people's behavior towards recycling and waste prevention

Jenni Downes, Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

16:30   Closing remarks from the Chair 

16:45   End of Day Two and End of the Conference

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