Conference Day Two

Conference Day Two

27 June 2019

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08:30     Registration and welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair

Yasmin GrigaliunasCEO & Co-FounderThe World's Biggest Garage Sale


09:00    Keynote case study: Qantas Group’s waste reduction program, a major environmental push

  • How Qantas is targeting 75% cut in waste to landfill
  • Discovering the different strategies to reduce waste on board
  • Identifying the tools needed to reuse, recycle and compost as much as possible
  • Monitoring the waste reduction program and overcoming challenges

Helen PinchSustainability Manager, Sustainability and Industry Affairs, Government, Industry, International and SustainabilityQantas Airways

09:30     Creating sustainable precincts solution in urban development

  • Understanding City of Sydney’s current waste management strategy
  • Service changes to improve resource recovery from urban development
  • Case study – Exploring precinct based solutions including Central Park food waste collection feasibility study

Gemma Dawson, Manager Waste Strategy, City of Sydney

10:00     Managing waste across the manufacturing, production and distribution supply chain

  • Reducing waste in supply chain and manufacturing 
  • Implementing a long-term successful waste management strategy into everyday business practices
  • Getting cross department employees genuinely engaged with the waste management strategy
  • Discovering innovative thinking and technology to support waste management

Kate RingvallCountry Manager Sustainability RetailIkea

10:30     Morning break



11:00     Case study: Diverting up to 84% of waste from landfill in a major tourist attraction

  • How Taronga is targeting a 90% diversion from landfill by 2020
  • Implementing innovative waste management and resource recovery initiatives to meet complex requirements
  • Changing business as usual by collaborating with partners and suppliers
  • Learning practical measures to improve waste management practices in a highly operational, multicultural and public facing environment

Anne Karin KehlhoferManager Environmental SustainabilityTaronga Conservation Society Australia

11:30     Plastic is not evil, the improper disposal of it is

NevHouse takes waste that companies and individuals throw away and turns it into affordable shelter. Nev will share with you his solution for recycling dilemma of contaminated low grade mixed waste plastic. Discover his journey and understand how 4 tonnes of plastic can be turned to 50m2 structure in developing nations.

Nev HymanFounderNevHouse

12:00     Networking lunch


13:00    Efficient operational waste management through good design

  • Understanding policy drivers impacting sustainable projects           
  • Ensuring new developments operate effectively, safely and efficiently in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Avoiding common pitfalls in the design process and during building operation
  • Lessons learnt from best practice examples

Valentina PetroneSenior Environmental Consultant, Encycle Consulting

13:30     Getting serious about e-waste – innovative new e-waste solutions

  • Discovering the world-first e-waste microfactory launched at UNSW
  • Recovering valuable metals from e-waste – identifying the metals and discussing the quantity
  • Transforming e-waste into value-added substances and products to meet existing and new industry and consumer demands
  • Discussing the future of the e-waste microfactory in Australia

Dr Samane Maroufi, Research Associate, SMaRT

14:00    Afternoon tea break


14:30    Case study: GPT steps up war on disposable coffee cups

  • Understanding the GPT innovative project targeting reusable coffee cups
  • Discovering the big numbers behind the project
  • Highlighting the challenges when implementing the project
  • Discussing the results 

Belinda Chellingworth, Resource Recovery, The GPT Group

15:00    The state of circular economy in Australia

  • Defining circular economy and framing it into waste management
  • Understanding federal and state policy impacting on circular economy
  • Discovering the research and findings of the Institute of Sustainable Future (ISF)
  • Emphasising the importance of collaboration in systemic change

Nick Florin, Research Director, Institute for Sustainable FuturesUniversity of Technology Sydney

15:30    Understanding behaviour change program design and evaluation

  • Discussing people’s behaviour towards waste prevention campaigns
  • Shifting the approach and improving the effectiveness of waste management
  • Discovering how to influence people's behavior towards recycling and waste prevention

Jenni Downes, Senior Research Consultant, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

16:00   Closing remarks from the Chair 

16:15   End of Day Two and End of the Conference

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