Conference Day One

Conference Day One – Monday 30 October 2017


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Post-conference learning sessions

08:15 | Registration and welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the Chair

Luke Reedman, Lead, Energy Transition Pathways, CSIRO


09:00 | Developing an agile mindset to help you innovate

  • Developing the right cultural climate to speed the way for innovation
  • Promoting collaboration inside and outside the company
  • Selecting the right innovation methods, tools and processes to transform your organisation

Megan Fisher, Head of Digital and Innovation, AusNet Services

09:30 | PANEL DISCUSSION: How will new technologies and business models reshape the NEM?

  • What are the major factors that are driving change in the industry and how might they play out?
  • How will digital transformation affect the way the NEM operates?
  • Utilities vs regulators – who will truly shape the future?
  • What will be the consequences for energy users?

Panel Moderator:

Luke Reedman, Lead, Energy Transition Pathways, CSIRO


Megan Fisher, Head of Digital and Innovation, AusNet Services
Peter Tickler, Digital Innovation and Advisory Leader, ERM Power
Craig Chambers, Executive General Manager - Strategy, Portfolio and Innovation, Energy Queensland


10:15 | How new technologies are impacting the way the grid operates

  • Responding to disruption with innovation to stay ahead of the market
  • Exploiting new technologies to respond better to the demand
  • Revolutionizing consumer service with data analysis

James Seymour, General Manager New Energy, Jemena

10:45 | Morning tea

11:15 | Embracing new technologies and ideas – the view from Powershop

  • The changing NEM, what are the specific challenges for a smaller retailer and renewable generator?
  • How Powershop thinks about deployment of capital of all forms: financial, intellectual and human
  • Understanding the need to put customers first

Ed McManus, Chief Executive Officer, Powershop

11:45 | CASE STUDY: Insights into South-Australia’s first ‘Virtual Power Plant’

  • How AGL has successfully launched the first ‘Virtual Power Plant’ in Australia
  • What were the challenges along the way?
  • Insights into some of the results of the trial to date

Gregory Abramowitz, Manager Market Development, AGL Energy

12:15 | Examining investment models and financing challenges for new energy technologies

  • Overcoming the challenges of policy uncertainty in Australia
  • Securing client’s superannuation funds while making investments in new technologies
  • Facilitating the progression of clean technologies in Australia

Simon Sheik, Founder and Managing Director, Future Super

12:45 | Networking lunch


13:45 | CASE STUDY: How local customers will benefit from replacing traditional energy companies

  • Understanding the concept behind Energy Locals
  • What’s the market for locally generated electricity?
  • How Energy Locals has managed to keep prices low for their consumers
  • Insights into future projects

Adrian Merrick, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Energy Locals

14:15 | PANEL DISCUSSION: What does the consumer want?

  • What are the factors influencing the consumer’s decision?
  • How are customers comparing different solutions available, including solar, batteries and hybrid systems?
  • Do consumers want the services being offered today?
  • How can utilities innovate to meet these needs?

Panel Moderator:

Luke Reedman, Lead, Energy Transition Pathways, CSIRO


Gavin Dufty, Manager Policy and Research, St Vincent de Paul Society
Ed McManus, Chief Executive Officer, Powershop
Adrian Merrick, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Energy Locals

15:00 | Afternoon tea

15:30 | Roundtable sessions:

Attendees will have the option of attending 3 of the concurrent sessions, which will run for 30 minutes each.

Roundtables are interactively moderated group discussions where delegates get the chance to debate and discover common issues, challenges and solutions.

  •  Understanding the challenges and advantages of peer-to-peer electricity trading

           David Martin, Managing Director, Powerledger

  •  Implications of the gas exports restrictions on the electricity market

           Simon Camroux, Manager Wholesale Market Regulation, AGL Energy

  • Data analytics and consumer insights

          Benjamin Zisser, Founder and Managing Director, IN Concepts

  • Can the grid respond to the growing demand for electric cars?

          Behyad Jafari, Chief Executive Officer, Electric Vehicle Council

  • Demand-response mechanism in the NEM

           Rob Murray-Leach, Head of Policy, Energy Efficiency Council

17:00 | Closing remarks from the Chair

17:10 | End of Day One and networking drinks

18:30 | Official event dinner

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