Conference Day Two

Conference Day 2 – Wednesday 6 December


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Learnings sessions

08:30 | Welcome coffee

08:50 | Opening remarks from the Chair

Jonathan Dutton, Director, JD Consultancy

09:00 | INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: From fragile to agile – how Westpac New Zealand created new relevance within procurement 

  • Taking a look at the broader operating model considerations for creating agility
  • Adapting standard agile methodology to develop fit-for-purpose agile practices
  • Implementation process and learnings for Westpac NZ

Rob Halsall, Head of Procurement, Westpac New Zealand

09:30 | PANEL DISCUSSION: TALK TO THE BOSS – understanding what senior management expects from the evolving procurement function

  • Getting an understanding on senior executives view on the procurement function and the role it needs to play
  • Why and how to align procurement functions to organizational strategy
  • What does excellent look like? And what are the key metrics for procurement success?

Panel moderator:
Jonathan Dutton, Director, JD Consultancy

Luke Kenny, Chief Executive Officer, Local Government Procurement
Adam Summons, Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer, NSW Fire & Rescue

Shae Howard, Director IT & Digital Government, NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation


10:10 | INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Smart contracting in the digital age – innovative approaches for an adaptive, agile, collaborative and cost effective organization

  • Accessing new technologies and how they are impacting traditional contract management
  • Considering opportunities for public procurement transformation through tech adoption
  • Considering challenges to deployment of new contract management technology

Tim Cummins, Chief Executive Officer, IACCM
Kingsley Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer, KMStandards

10:40 | Morning Tea

11:10 | Collaborative contracting – how to realise the benefits of your commercial relationship

  • Why have a relationship with your seller? What are the benefits for both buyer and seller?
  • How to achieve this as part of a standard contract lifecycle
  • What are the immediate steps needed to start this in the workplace and realise the benefits?

Simon Cotterill, Executive Director Commercial Specialist Team- Supplier Analysis and Engagements Branch, Capability Acquisition & Sustainment Group, Department of Defence

11:40 | CASE STUDY: How Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) is maximizing value by building strategic partnerships

  • Creating strategic alliances that go beyond the interpretation of the contracts
  • Implementing a collaborative strategy for QTC and its vendors
  • Better understanding the concept of Holistic Vendor Management within the context of QTC
  • Benefits achieved and the execution pitfalls if not understood and endorsed across the organisation

Greg Kelly, Director Vendor Management & Procurement, Queensland Treasury Corporation

12:10 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Holistic vendor management – key challenges for vendor on-boarding, collaboration, management and performance measurement

  • What does vendor management in a cloud first world look like?
  • What are the best performance management and supplier performance models?
  • What are the key challenges facing public sector government in supplier risk management?
  • How can we overcome them?

Panel moderator:
Jonathan Dutton, Director, JD Consultancy

Phil Cholewick, Strategic Partner Manager, Airservices Australia
Phill Scott, Head of Tendering & Contracts, Local Government Procurement
Erin Westcott, Government Strategic Sourcing Professional, NDIA

13:00 | Networking Lunch


14:00 | Looking towards the future of sustainability – preparing procurement for the challenges in 2018 and beyond

  • The year in review: assessing updates on ISO20400 and the way forward for 2018
  • Global trends on sustainable procurement – and how Australia can get prepared
  • Understanding the procurement pledge to drive positive outcomes

Kim Andrews, Business Development & Sustainability Advisor, GECA
Shaila Divakarla, Standards & Technical Manager, GECA

14:30 | How can public sector procurement business units help reduce corruption?

  • Alignment between procurement corruption and bad procurement outcomes
  • ICAC observations of how procurement corruption happens
  • How an engaged procurement business unit can help prevent and detect corruption

Benjamin Marx, Senior Researcher and Prevention Officer, ICAC

15:00 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Best practice for building sustainable, ethical and economical public procurement strategies – Learnings from the experts  

  • What are the common challenges when aligning standards and sustainability practices to procurement strategy?
  • What’s on the horizon? What are the next big sustainability concerns?
  • What are the guidelines for build a more ethical organisation?

Panel moderator:
Jonathan Dutton, Director, JD Consultancy

Molley Qi, Procurement Director, Australian Taxation Office
Kim Andrews, Business Development & Sustainability Advisor, GECA

Benjamin Marx, Senior Researcher and Prevention Officer, ICAC

15:30 | Afternoon Tea


16:00 | Building effective procurement teams – managing talent and building key capabilities in a new era

  • Gaining insights into leadership traits identified for running an effective procurement team
  • How to source the right mix of skills to futureproof the procurement function
  • What is talent 2.0 and the how is it impacting the new workforce on team dynamics?

Giles Curtin, General Manager Procurement, TAFE NSW

16:30 | My (brilliant) procurement career – 10 surprises from The Procurious member survey

Procurious, the world’s first online network for procurement professionals, will present the findings from their new research which captures the mood and sentiment of the profession, exploring:

  • Do procurement professionals expect the profession to thrive or disappear by 2030?
  • Why are procurement professionals crowdsourcing solutions on social media?
  • How effective are procurement professionals in communicating the need for change?
  • What are the ways that online networking can benefit careers in procurement?
  • Why can professionals no longer rely on their managers to help their career progression?

Hugo Britt, Content Director, Procurious

16:50 | INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION: The changing role of the CPO and how to adapt to a shifting landscape 

  • The future CPO - formal and informal skills and competencies required 
  • The art of stakeholder engagement: selling the procurement function to the organisation
  • Building procurement teams for internal consultancy
  • The CPO as an innovation ambassador

Panel moderator:
Jonathan Dutton, Director, JD Consultancy

Marea Getsios, Procurement Specialist, Bayside Council
Kylie Towie, Transformational Leader, Senior Executive, WA Health
Giles Curtin, General Manager, Procurement, TAFE NSW

17:20 | Closing remarks from the Chair

17:30 | End of Day Two and close of conference

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