Conference Day Two

Conference Day Two

12 August 2020

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09:20     Opening remarks from the Chair

Harleen Oberoi
Diversity and Workforce Planning Advisor
City of Sydney

09:30     Live One-on-One with Libby Lyons

Libby Lyons, Director of the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) discusses the changes she’s witnessed since joining WGEA in 2015 and the opportunities to come for employers to move beyond talk and embed action into their inclusiveness programs.

Harleen Oberoi
Diversity and Workforce Planning Advisor
City of Sydney


Special Guest:
Libby Lyons

Workplace Gender Equality Agency



10:00     Supporting continued workforce inclusion in a flexible and remote working group

  • Highlighting the benefits of fostering inclusion in the workplace through leveraging flexibility
  • Developing strategies to support the specific mental health needs of a diverse remote employee working group
  • Showing how developing remote working groups can expand your opportunities to boost inclusive recruitment practices
Justin Lokhorst
South Australian Strategic Partnership Manager
Australian Bureau of Statistics

10:30     Panel Discussion: Best practice strategies to make inclusion invisible

It's been said that true inclusion needs no song and dance; it is invisible. It's not squishing women into a male-defined leadership box, nor is it public adulation and seeking pats on the back. This panel discussion brings together leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss whether or not the ultimate aim of diversity and inclusion programs is invisibility, or is it something else entirely?

  • How can you determine if your current inclusion programs are more about gaining public recognition for your efforts than they are about making life easier for employees from diverse backgrounds?
  • What are the best ways to ensure we bring balance to equality and create inclusive workplaces that provide positive social proof?
  • Does confirmation bias prevent us from determining if current inclusion programs are working as intended?
  • How do you ensure you are genuinely listening to your community and not just pressing on with a program that isn't working


Rev Lin Surch
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Beyond Gender



Rebecca Quinn
Director – People and Culture
Parks Victoria

Antoinette Holt
Manager – Corporate Development
City of Canterbury Bankstown

Tony Clark
Director – Communications and Engagement
Victorian Health and Human Services Building Authority

Roman Ruzbacky
Diversity and Inclusion Lead
Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA)

11:10     Take a break and connect with attendees in the chat room!

11:30     Delivering workplace inclusion programs to increase overall employee wellbeing

  • Asking yourself the question: what makes an effective inclusion strategy, and how do you prove any positive impacts on your team?
  • Developing KPIs to measure clear and concise reporting of the program’s performance
  • You don’t need to reinvent the wheel: analysing existing programmes to find opportunities for improvement
Jane Spring
Assistant Commissioner, Capability and Leadership Strategy
NSW Public Service Commission

12:00     Panel Discussion: Intersectionality and the future of work

In only a matter of weeks, the Australian workplace changed in ways few would have predicted just six months ago. This panel gathers together industry leaders to examine the importance intersectionality will play in levelling the playing field to enhance authentic, inclusive practices in the workplace in a post-COVID-19 economy.

  • Why is it important to understand the role intersectionality plays in developing greater equality in the future of your workplace?
  • How can you make sure you are developing processes that positively support a variety of social identifiers such as; gender, race, sexuality and socio-economic factors?
  • How can intersectionality expand inclusive practices and strategies in the workplace?
  • Do your inclusion initiatives truly address racism, gender identification, ageism, and a variety of combinations and categories of marginalised employees or are you focused on only one sector?


Harleen Oberoi
Diversity and Workforce Planning Advisor
City of Sydney


Dr Crystal Bruton
Manager – Inclusion and Intersectionality
Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victoria

Dr Deanne Gibbon CSC OAM
Associate Director – Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
The University of Queensland

Nicki Elkin
Senior Relationship Manager
Pride in Diversity

Joshua Griffin
Head of Inclusion and Talent Development
Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) Australia

12:40     Group Q&A and wrap up by the Chair

13:00     End of Government Diversity & Inclusion 2020’s Virtual Conference

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