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Full Day Pre-conference In-depth Learning Sessions

6 August 2019

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Registration and morning coffee is at 08:30 and the sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Session A: Getting the most out of diversity and inclusion in the public sector

Explore the many benefits of working with people who have different talents, experiences and backgrounds. Identify how personal values and beliefs shape people's response to diversity and describe the behaviours that support or undermine diversity. Develop an understanding of workplace diversity and ways to encourage open and supportive work environments. This session is designed for executives with an interest in implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives in the workplace; and assessing how effective their current practices are.

This full day workshop will teach participants how to:

  • Better recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Adopt practices that support and integrate diversity in the workplace
  • Monitor, review and evaluate your own behaviour in relation to diversity
  • Identify the legislative and other requirements for managers in relation to workforce diversity
  • Implement leadership and management practices that build and support a diverse team


Jo Marshall



Session B: How to create inclusive and "belonging" culture to maximise your diverse workforce

Today’s employee engagement goes beyond having just employed workforce with  diverse backgrounds. The greatest examples of employees engagement is when employees “ feel they belong” .  As humans we are used to live in tribes, and in today’s modern world we still strive to belong to different tribes, it’s been  hired wired in us since the human race came into existence. To create a culture of inclusive and “ belonging” workplace, the key is to develop inclusive leaders who will shape inclusive culture.  In this interactive and engaging workshop, Alma Besserdin will share how we develop our values and believes, which shape who we are and how we act, and explore subconscious biases in the workplace from a human-behaviour perspective. Alma will share simple and effective ways to build a culture in which all employees feel they are included in the workplace, feel safe and fell they “ belong”. Attendees will gain knowledge to be able to create an inclusive  and “ belonging” workplace.

This session is designed for HR, D&I managers and senior managers looking for an integrated approach in developing an inclusive workplace culture.   

This full day workshop will teach participants how to:

  • Create an inclusive and “belonging” culture
  • Maximise D&I within your businesses
  • Develop inclusive Leadership
  • The importance of communication and inclusive language – and how to adopt it
  • How to integrate different cultures making change on a personal and organizational level


Alma Besserdin FCPHR I MAICD
Founder & Director



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