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Registration and morning coffee for both sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. Choose between:

In-depth Learning Session A

How to successfully implement and manage flexible and agile working in everyday business practices

Flexible and agile working are no longer something that businesses can, or should, ignore, they are becoming the norm and are not limited to parents anymore. Not only can flexible and agile working ease talent acquisition, they can also boost productivity and decrease overhead costs. Allowing different working arrangements in a business seems like a huge step to take but it shouldn’t. Flexible and agile working require careful and considered management in order for both staff and the business to benefit and flourish as a consequence of this new way of working.
In this full day in-depth learning session, managers, team leaders and decision makers will learn how to implement flexible and agile working effectively by running a pilot scheme, establishing clear processes, roles and responsibilities. Additionally, a strong emphasis on team management and progress tracking will allow team leaders and managers to make flexible and agile working part of everyday business practices.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the different options available for flexible and agile working
  • Implementing a pilot scheme for first time working and agile working arrangements
  • Learning the strategies and capabilities to make flexible and agile working effective
  • Monitoring and tracking progress using technology and strategies



Vanessa Vanderhoek
Chief Executive Officer
The FlexAgility Group

In-depth Learning Session B

Distributed team recruitment, management and monitoring – a practical and legal perspective

With approximately 45% of the Australian population living in regional centres or country areas and the explosion of communication technology and internet access, remote working is becoming a working style that companies cannot ignore anymore. Remote working provides great benefits, not only to employees but also to employers by improving staff retention, increasing the pool of applicants and talent, and decreasing overheads (such as real estate costs). However, managing and monitoring distributed teams can be challenging and create issues for employers if not implemented correctly.
In this full day in-depth learning session, managers, business owners and directors will have the opportunity to explore the key ingredients needed to successfully implement remote working arrangements in their organisations. This workshop will not only provide practical management strategies, but will also include legal and insurance aspects, ensuring decision makers have the confidence to embrace the future of work.

Key takeaways:

• Understanding the power of the remote economy
• Identifying the key equipment and technology needed to implement remote working arrangements
• Addressing the legal aspects of remote working from the probation period to the insurance dilemma and more
• Implementing strategies to evaluate progress and develop successful performance development plans


Emma Heuston
Principal Lawyer/ Founder
The Remote Expert



Jo Palmer
Pointer Remote

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