Conference Day One

Conference Day One

22 May 2019

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08:30     Registration and welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair

Vanessa Vanderhoek, Chief Executive OfficerThe FlexAgility Group


09:00     Defining flexible and agile working in Australia through a regulatory eye

  • Highlighting the differences between flexible and agile working
  • Understanding the importance of flexible and agile working from a micro to macro level
  • Identifying regulations and policy impacting employees and employers
  • Discussing the role of the government in supporting flexible and agile working

Hon. Courtney HoussosParliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Cabinet,Temporary Chair of Committees Member of the NSW Legislative CouncilParliament of New South Wales

09:30     Keynote - Transforming to a digital organisation – implementing an organisational agile operating model

  • Key environmental drivers for change
  • Changing customer expectations
  • Cultural & technological transformation required
  • Highlighting the challenges and barriers to transforming

Andy Weir, Executive General Manager Bankwest Technology & Transformation (CIO), Bankwest

10:00     Explaining the boom of co-working spaces in Australia

  • Stating the current trend of the Australian co-working market
  • Understanding what makes co-working spaces so appealing, not only for start-ups but also for established companies
  • Discussing the future of co-working spaces in Australia

John PreeceChief Property Officer, Hub Australia

10:30   Morning tea break


11:00     What if flexible and agile working was business-as-usual?

  • Imagining a future where flexible and agile working are the norm not the exception
  • Understanding how that changes the way we would think about flexible and agile work
  • Acknowledging that today our response to flexible work is a response not a strategy
  • Reflecting on how we got here and what might need to progress

Sally Dorsett & David Schmidtchen, Executive Director, People and Organisational DevelopmentSynergy

11:20     INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: Work less, get more - testing the 4-day work week in Perpetual Guardian

This trustee company from New Zealand reduced hours of work for the same pay in order to test if there was a connection between raising productivity and increasing employee engagement.  The trial was an unmitigated success, with results increased productivity and employees less stressed, more committed and engaged.  Learn how Perpetual Guardian implemented such change and discover the challenges and opportunities of the 4-day workweek.

Christine Brotherton, Head of People and Capability, Perpetual Guardian

11:50    Shaping the workplaces of the future for more social and agile environments

  • Describing the workplace of the future and future employees
  • Understanding the danger behind certain workplace designs such as shared desks, hot desks and open spaces
  • Discovering some of the most innovative workplaces in Australia

Donna Wheatley, Director – Strategy, WMK Architecture

12:20 Networking lunch


13:20     How flexible and agile working will create more diverse and inclusive workplaces

  • Highlighting the relationship between flexible arrangements and workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Building inclusive workplaces for a diverse workforce using flexible and agile working
  • Understanding the role of the law in shaping the future of flexible and agile working

Fay Calderone, Partner Employment, Hall & Wilcox

13:50     Reducing the gender pay gap through flexible working

  • Understanding the relationship between gender pay gap and flexible working
  • Improving economic security and workplace equality using flexible working arrangements
  • Developing a strategic plan and identifying early actions to reduce the gender pay gap in organisations

Lisa Annese, Chief Executive Officer, Diversity Council of Australia

14:20     One for all, and all for one – what does job-sharing look like in practice?

  • Understanding the practicalities of job-sharing
  • Getting an employees’ perspective on the challenges and opportunities of job-sharing
  • How to make a job-sharing situation work

Rowena FalzonJob sharing duo, Formerly known as Rolex

Alex Crammond, Job sharing duo, Formerly known as Rolex

14:50     Afternoon tea break

15:20     Using a flexible and agile culture to boost employees’ attraction, selection and retention

  • Understanding what candidates really want
  • How flexible workplaces are changing the way we attract talent
  • Identifying the relationship between flexible and agile arrangements and staff retention

Martin CowiePeople & Development DirectorOMD

15:50     CASE STUDY – Generating new opportunities in co-working spaces

  • Understanding co-working spaces from an occupier’s perspective
  • Creating a culture of sharing, communication and innovation
  • Discovering the power of cooperation and interaction between companies

Ian AldridgePrincipalProgressive Legal


Michael Mullins, Business Development Specialist, Automio

16:20     Closing remarks from the Chair

16:30     End of Day One and networking drinks

Discover the book that will help you to learn more about flexible and agile working during the networking drinks:

  • The Tracksuit Economy: How to work productively AND effectively from home from Emma Heuston

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