Pre-Conference In-depth Learning Sessions

Wednesday 27 May 2015

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Registration and morning coffee for both sessions is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided. Choose between:

Session A:
Assessing the capability of your PSCM systems to identify opportunities and strategies to build a value driven, efficient and sustainable procurement program

This interactive one day session is designed for managers of procurement and supply chain functions from end to end to assess their system capabilities, identify internal and external challenges and then consider some of the pathways for competency development and strategies to modernise and transform their systems. Capability is the key word in this session as participants consider the success and value of their procurement systems and processes. As procurement systems become more complex, internal and external procurement landscapes demand continuing excellence and continuous growth of capability, capacity and skills. This session provides participants with an opportunity to establish a baseline for their current procurement practice and discuss the opportunities for process and system improvements to streamline efficiency. A key focus will be on considering the skills that participantsa nd their procurement teams currently bring to the table and what further procurement specialisation and management skills development can increase proficiency and capability.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

The challenge

  • Assessing and establishing a baseline for current procurement processes and identifying opportunities for efficiency improvement
  • Examining different models and structures and understanding their level of maturity
  • Increasing value for money in procurement, addressing weaknesses in procurement culture and mitigate associated risks

The approach

  • Identify drivers, risks, issues and constraints in sustainable procurement practices
  • Engaging stakeholders to identify needs, capacity and capability that will impact the procurement process
  • Developing training and competency programs to enable best practice

The outcomes

  • Considering the pathways for transforming procurement into a strategic function with prescribed medium and long-term goals
  • Examining how to improve procurement structure and processes, supported by policies, procedures and management
  • Building your teams required procurement and management skills, with focus on roles/ responsibilities and planning for continuing upskilling

Session Facilitator: 

Mark Dybell
Director, NSW& VIC
Project Procure



Session B:
Mining the strengths and values that will set you on a pathway to effective leadership

This practical session focuses on defining the strengths and values that will set you on a pathway to effective leadership. Participants would be women who have the commitment, drive and ambition to move into leadership roles at different stages of their career or function.

The workshop seeks to engage the participants to think about the unique strengths and personal values that they bring and align these with the key attributes for an authentic leader with a strategic mindset; one who can catalyse innovation, manage change and inspire a team to grow in capability and strength. It will challenge participants to reflect on their skills and abilities and through interactive discussion and small group working sessions offer the opportunity to look at strategic, operational, human and personal leadership qualities that will set you apart and define and forge your leadership aspiration.

Key topics and takeaway skills/benefits:

  • Evolving an authentic leadership style that resonates with personal values and leverages unique strengths
  • Developing the skills and authority to engage with and influence leadership teams in meaningful ways
  • Organisational politics – implications for constructive engagement and negotiation
  • Developing a strategic focus that enables growth and innovation
  • Creativity, intuition, integrity, commitment and confidence – transitioning these qualities from the abstract to the real
  • Becoming an adaptive and flexible leader - key strengths in times of flux and difficulty
  • Skilfully leading your team – an inclusive leadership that gives clear direction and motivates high performance

Session Facilitator: 

Kate Nicholl
Director of Consulting
The Faculty



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