Conference Day One

Thursday 28 May 2015

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08:15     Registration and welcome coffee

08:50     Opening remarks from the Chair
Antoinette Brandi,
 Former Group Manager - Procurement & Supply ChainLeighton Contractors

Skilling the contemporary procurement and supply chain management (PSCM) profession and defining pathways for advancement

09:00     Building the skills and capabilities demanded of procurement professionals
             to enhance opportunities for career progression

  • Traditional models of the procurement profession v emerging thinking on skills for the effective procurement professional
  • Strategic capabilities – focusing on value creation, collaboration and mitigation of risk
  • Behavioural skills – developing skills to influence, through sound and informed judgement, initiative and decisiveness
  • What are the unique skills that women can bring to bear in procurement function?

Coretta BessiChief Procurement Officer, NBN Co.

09:30     Identifying the key drawcards for a career in procurement and the pathways
             it offers

  • What makes procurement a deliberate career of choice as opposed to just ‘falling into it’
  • Understanding the potential career paths to plan for progress
  • Defining the professional goals to help focus your procurement career plan
  • Harnessing ambition and leveraging dissatisfaction with your current role into an impetus for upward movement

Hannah Bodilly, Head of Procurement, Tatts Group

10:00     The role of meaningful mentorship in extending the potential and reach of
             careers in procurement

  • Proactively taking control of your careers and getting exposure to role models you want to work with in future
  • Taking the opportunity to understand how women in senior management and leadership function in diverse sectors and across functions
  • Leveraging networks to connect with and seek meaningful mentorship to grow your organisational insights and extend career aspirations

Sarah Collins, Chief Procurement Officer, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (CIPSA Leadership Award 2014)

10:30     Morning tea

11:00     Panel Discussion:
              Is there a glass ceiling in procurement?

  • What are the challenges for career advancement in procurement and how can these be overcome?
  • How can procurement leaders leverage the skills of their procurement teams to create a holistic and capable team?
  • What are the opportunities for specialisation and growth that can create opportunities for career advancement?

Antoinette Brandi
Former Group Manager - Procurement & Supply Chain, Leighton Contractors

Megan MainChief Executive Officer, Health Purchasing Victoria
Sarah Collins, Chief Procurement Officer, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (CIPSA Leadership Award 2014)

Janine Anderiesz, Strategic Sourcing Director, General Electric ANZ

Evolution of the role of PSCM within the enterprise and key industry trends

11:40     Demonstrating the value-add of PSCM to the whole enterprise

  • Building a strong and persuasive case for the value for procurement within your organisation
  • Mobilising networks of support with internal stakeholders across business functions and partnerships with suppliers and external stakeholders
  • Who is the procurement champion?

Jane Falconer, Executive General Manager Procurement, Fulton Hogan

12:10     Examining the key challenges facing strategic procurement in 2015

  • The key trends in the procurement profession and why ultimately you cannot outsource RISK
  • New and old challenges facing procurement as it matures as a profession
  • Passing the test of relevance for your organisation – do you assure value or just buy stuff?
  • The downside of professional procurement and five ways to mitigate the four great criticisms of your procurement team
  • Using the supply side to create competitive advantage
  • The quest for value - what does it look like for your organisation?

Jonathan Dutton, Director, JD Consultancy

12:40     Networking lunch

Developing the skills and capabilities for procurement leadership

13:40     Senior leadership perspective – insights on pathways to leadership

  • Defining leadership goals within the organisation and within the procurement function to clarify the pathway
  • Developing a distinctive leadership style that elevates both the value of your leadership and that of the function you lead
  • Challenging and enhancing organisational systems and culture through decisive and responsive leadership

Karen CarmichaelChief Financial Officer, Versent (Awarded the SMART Procurement Excellence Award 2013)

14:10     Future leader perspective – ascending the procurement ladder

  • Examining some of the defining moments in my personal career and how I faced the challenges posed
  • Upskilling and lifelong learning to drive expansion of capability and open new pathways for advancement
  • The importance of role models and mentorship within your organisation and how best to identify and seek the support of mentors

Georgia BrandiCategory LeadNewcrest Mining

14:40      The power of female leadership

  • The power of self-belief and understanding your true strengths
  • Progress, not perfection – the reality of business and what leadership means
  • Working smarter, not harder – how to prove that quality is more important than quality
  • Emotional guidance system – how to use your emotional responses and instincts to excel rather than denying them

Larissa Robertson, Managing Director, SCO Recruitment & Trim and Proper Property Services

15:10     Afternoon tea

Becoming an influential negotiator for successful procurement

15:40     Developing powerful negotiation skills to secure the best value for your
             procurement efforts

  • Building the internal team that will best support effective negotiation – commercial, technical and legal acumen
  • Role clarification before negotiation – internal and external stakeholders and team members
  • Planning and due diligence to assure preparedness prior to negotiation
  • Considering the personal skills that will have a bearing on being a good negotiator
  • Managing and resolving conflict during negotiation

Susie DuncanHead of Procurement & Shared Services, GPT

Examining the key competencies that will underpin functional excellence and build commercial acumen

16:10     Mini Workshop:
             Considering the competencies that define the contemporary procurement
             professional to drive individual and team excellence

Discussing some of the social, economic and community contexts in which procurement professionals work and implications for ethical practice
Examining the ways that procurement ‘make it stick’ through a change lead approach in stakeholder engagement
Delivering on the value and benefits promised in supplier agreements

Kate Nicholl, Director of Consulting, The Faculty

17:00     Closing remarks from the Chair

17:10     End of Day One and networking drinks

19:00     Official event dinner

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