Why attend the 4th annual Eastern Australia's Energy Markets Outlook 2015 conference? 

The Eastern Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook 2015 conference is the only annual and dedicated senior level, strategic platform for exploring future directions of eastern Australia’s energy sector. It is more than a gateway to access senior-level decision makers. It is where serious service and solution providers can augment their position as an industry leader.

Benefits of attending:

  • Hear from policy makers and regulators about their plans to create a more effective east coast energy market
  • Understand the implications of global energy trends for domestic markets and the strategies that leading businesses will use to adapt
  • Discover how innovation will drive more efficient use and supply of energy and the opportunities and challenges this will create
  • Access expert analysis on the outlook for demand and supply for both electricity and gas markets
  • Understand the impact of changing consumer preferences and new technologies for network business and the implications for the greater supply chain
  • Meet and network with the leaders of Australia’s energy industry

Don't just take our word for it, hear what the speakers are saying about this year's event:

“The markets have never been more relevant to customers and the industry. Demand, supply, services and information will all become commoditised. How do we differentiate and create value? EAEMO 2015 will be an opportunity for insight and reflection”.
- Ian McLeod, Chief Executive Officer, Ergon Energy

“Renewables and new technologies are set to play an increasingly important role in helping drive down energy and operating costs and reducing carbon intensity of the economy. The EAEMO conference provides a timely forum for discussion of these trends.”
- Meg McDonald, Chief Operating Officer, Clean Energy Finance Corporation

“The 4th annual Eastern Australia’s Energy Market Outlook conference is an excellent opportunity for the leaders of Australia’s onshore gas industry to discuss and share insights on how they meet community expectations.”
- John CotterChairmanQueensland Gas Commission

“Australia is at the crossroads of energy development in the 21st century and is poised to become a superpower in the energy world. The challenge before us is how to embrace and develop the new LNG export markets whilst maintaining a competitive domestic industry at the same time.Eastern Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook 2015 conference is an ideal opportunity for industry professionals to hear the issues firsthand and engage in developing an energy policy for Australia.”
- Brian Green, Energy and Regulatory Manager, Australian Paper

“The 4th annual Eastern Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook conference is pulling together influential thinkers about Eastern Australia’s energy choices. It is important to keep up to date and engaged in this evolving conversation about trade offs between coal, natural gas, and renewable energy sources.”
- Will RifkinChair in Social PerformanceCentre for Social Responsibility in Mining

“The challenges that face today’s energy markets are immense. The issues across the gas and electricity sectors have many common elements - pressure on prices, policy uncertainty and market structure – and yet there are key differences – falling demand and overcapacity in the electricity market compared to constrained capacity and rising demand in the gas market. All market participants need to come together to discuss and propose solutions to ensure a viable and effective energy market into the future. The Eastern Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook conference creates a unique forum for participants in all segments of the market to have the opportunity to discuss and debate these issues.”
- Michael Riches, General Counsel and Head of External Affairs, Alinta Energy

EAEMO 2015 will be addressing the 7 critical issues currently facing east coast energy market stakeholders:

  • Identifying the policy priorities to create a more effective east coast market and ensure efficient energy investment
  • Addressing oversupply in the wholesale electricity market
  • Examining the east coast gas market – supply/demand dynamics, price and policy portents
  • The importance of adequate competition for east coast energy markets
  • The road to Paris and the transition to a low carbon economy – balancing abatement, affordability and reliability
  • Energy productivity, a rapidly changing technology landscape and increasingly engaged consumers

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