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Tuesday 15 September 2015

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These long format sessions will provide participants with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of some of the most critical issues facing today’s energy market. Delivered using a combination of seminars, interactive formats and hands-on exercises these sessions will give all in attendance an opportunity to expand their knowledge and delve into some of the more complex issues in the market.

Both sessions run for one full day. Registration and morning coffee is at 08:30 and sessions will conclude at 17:00. Lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea will be provided. Choose between:

In-depth Learning Session A:
Assessing the impacts of new and changing technologies on the NEM and the implications of their integration

This interactive learning session is designed for policy and strategy focused managers from the length of the energy supply chain who are looking to understand how new technologies in the energy market will impact their operations. The session will take a close look at a number of new technologies in generation, storage, metering and information technology and examine if, how and when they could become a part of the NEM.

The session will also analyse the implications for industry players, potential new entrants and governments.

Key topics and take away skills/benefits:

  • Analyse which technologies have the ‘inside running’ in being taken up on a mass scale or otherwise having significant impact on the energy market
  • Examine the changing solar PV landscape, the outlook for the further uptake and grid implications
  • Evaluate the outlook for the uptake of battery technology at a consumer level and understand the impact this will have on average loads and the knock on effect for energy generation and retail
  • The future of metering – understand how your organisations operations will be affected by rapidly evolving metering technology and tariff policy
  • Identify how governments might regulate or encourage the introduction of these technologies and discover the possible implications of this intervention


fourth annual eastern australia's energy markets outlook 2015 conference sydney septemberHugh Outhred
Associate Professor



In-depth Learning Session B:
Forecasting east coast gas demand and supply dynamics under various scenarios

This in-depth session is designed for senior managers from the length of the energy supply chain who need to understand the outlook for gas demand, supply and price on the east coast. With a number of reviews underway and uncertainty around whether new supply sources can meet a step change in demand, the impact on large users, generators, networks, retailers and governments is still uncertain.

The session will take an in depth look at the current market environment and some of the key drivers of the future gas supply/demand dynamic and the implications for price right across Australia giving all those in attendance a far better understanding of the outlook for gas price, supply and demand and its implications for their business.

Key topics and take away skills/benefits:

  • Review the current gas market environment and understand the key macroeconomic factors impacting east coast demand and supply dynamics
  • Examine the outlook for gas demand from consumers, small business and industry and gain a detailed understanding of the outlook for domestic demand and it’s key sensitivities
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of what could happen to price, demand and supply under different scenarios e.g. rapid QLD LNG ramp up or new supply in NSW/VIC and gain a detailed understanding of the implications for your business
  • Assess which of these scenarios are most likely to occur and discover the most likely gas supply and demand outcomes for gas markets
  • Understand the implications for your organisation of any changes in gas supply and demand dynamics


Jim Snow
Executive Director
Oakley Greenwood



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